Facebook :- Recreation or Deception

Someone tell us what to tell it ?

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

I have been using Facebook for almost twelve years. Sometimes I get to read very virtuous posts and sometimes I find them objectionable. But unfortunately our nation is very reposed, the young people who are the backbone of society is struck by a strange opportunity. the world has touched the heights of sky but on the other hand economic situation of our country is getting worse day by day . The youth has forgotten his prime responsibilities especially how to have a sincere relationship with his parents, family and society. We have to take a serious approach that our young generation is dwindling their precious time by being attracted to cheap jobs, the consequences of which they will have to eunain in the near future. People from all spheres of life are available on social media especially on Facebook. At present, Facebook is the only platform where everyone can write their thoughts. The first thing that is asked about each other during the meeting is the Facebook account. Believe me, in today’s modern age, orphans are not those who do not have parents, but those who do not have a Facebook account on a social networking site. In other words, the number of Facebook orphans is very low in the society. I think the government should remove all reservations for government jobs and soon announce reservations for government jobs for Facebook orphans so that the identity of these orphans remain in the society otherwise there will be no home and have no place in old age houses for these Facebook orphans.If the government announces reservations for Facebook orphans, the number of Facebook orphans will increase day by day, otherwise the number of these orphans will soon become rare in the society. We should start a Facebook campaign as soon as possible to save these Facebook orphans so that there is no injustice with them. There is no denying that this has created a confusion in society where it has become difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood. Everyone on Facebook pushes himself as if he was the imam of a mosque. In other words, it has become difficult to recognize the inner conscious of man.
It has changed the definition of privacy .in the past ,mainkind was careful not to share any private information over the Facebook .But now we have become so accoustmed to Facebook that we provide all our private information that may lead to identity theft.Strangers can access to personal information ,bank details and cause a threat to property and other assets in an instant .Therefore ,we must be careful not to disclose our private information on the Facebook . Social media can be used to scam people for personal benefits .The inclination and usage of social media by the society determines its character.
There are some people available on Facebook who are living reality with all their truth. Some people are taking Facebook only as an art and for them it is a recreation, deception and time pass. Some people are using it to achieve goals (good or bad). I wish Facebook had the option to identify people and can test one’s truth , falsehood and can test one’s heart to be good and true but it is very impossible and it is very easy for people to turn around here because nature never changes. Every umar cannot do justice just like Umar bin Khattab and can not be humble like Usman Ghani and every stone cannot be rare. Yet this world is still established because of good people.