Dr. Rashidah

We always expect ease from life. We have this prodigious imagination about life. This is how things should work. This is my idea, my procedure of life and it should go as per that. And if that thing does not turn up we usually despond, lose our faith and give up. However the option of giving up is completely off the table .We all are endeavoring to do and to get colossal things in our life and for that we are grappling a lot. We are longing to have power over money, a voguish house, a ritzy car, a fabulous job and in general a comfy and cozy life. In order to taste that success we have to confront and deal with a transient trounce. Success should not only be defined by these kinds of feats as all these bits and pieces are provisional. Instead we should focus on those things which are advantageous to us in this short- term life and in the finality (afterward) also. We have to figure out paraphernalia in that way. We should have this belief that we all are here for time being. We all are perennial in this world and we have to leave this fantasy life one day. So it is our part to get ready for this. We should be ready for all the predominating things and for all the natural disasters that are proceeding today.
Life sneaks away second by second. Nobody knows how and when death comes to us and when we will be on death bed. Death is an unkind and vexed reality faced by everyone. No one except Allah (S.W.T) has the power to avoid it. As we are told in the verse, “Every Soul shall taste death in the end”, (Surah-Al- Imran- 3:185).
So we should be ready for death whether it comes to us in the form of a malady, a mishap or in the appearance of some virus. But the adornments and beauty of this world have distracted us from the true purpose of life and that is the reason we are so petrified and panicky in present situation. And indeed this is the upshot of our incapacitated conviction that we live only for what is before our eyes. We should believe in death because believing in it is a part of IMAN in the unseen and is an obligatory part of faith. As Allah (S.W.T) says in the Quran:
“Alif Laam Meem,” This is the book without a doubt, in it is guidance sure, for those who fear Allah, those who believe in the unseen, are committed in prayer and spend out of what we have provided. (Surah- Al- Baqarah- 2:1-3)
So we need to focus on ourselves. We need to build our faith (IMAN) in such a way that it should sound strong. It should not go up and down pursuant to life contexts. Our faith should not fluctuate ever and anon like in funerals or in the month of Ramadan our hearts are plenteous with faith and while worldly bash parties and events our heart is devoid of much needed faith. So we should keep a regular check on our faith. When a person puts his full faith on Allah or we can say TAWAKKAL in our religion, then the fear is short- lived in their hearts and if any infelicity and adversity bangs them in anyway, they take it as a test from Almighty Allah and deal it with endurance and reticence. So we need to polish and mend ourselves to latch on to the faith. We need to perform prayers with extended recitation and recite Quran in stretches of deep rumination and make supplications for the whole humanity so that Allah will be chuffed towards us and He will provide His protection to all of us (Aameen).
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