By Junaid Abdullah

“Who can provide you with sustenance if the most merciful withholds his provision.”  ( AL Quran 67,21)
Life usually puts forth multiple hardships and tough tasks to test the spirit and faith of every single person. Among people some overcome with patience , enthusiasm, sweet determination and fly across. But some lose the spirit of faith & get drown into the sea of hopelessness. They  accept the failure and prefer to live down to earth with anxiety, trauma and depression.
Every single person in one way or the other suffers from the fears like criticism, bad health, death, loss, poverty and many more. The most common among these fears is the fear of poverty. Poor one’s usually restrict themselves to invest the money and rich ones are afraid to spend it in fear of poverty, as in this materialistic world a man is considered less than a dust of earth unless he displays a swelling bank balance. One who has money is considered as a king regardless of the way he has earned this money through. Riches are being considered as the backbone of the society. The word “Rich” can’t be restricted under the boundries of financial sector only but should be considered in the mental and spiritual sense as well.
Fear of poverty is a state of mind, it can be easily controlled by changing one’s mindset, as the state of mind is something that must be created. Fear of poverty is from the devil and can simply be changed by developing belief and faith. Allah guides us in Quran chapter 2, verse 268, that :-
“The devil promises you the poverty and commands you with lewdness.”
Fear of poverty is sufficient to destroy one & leads to disbelief. This fear paralyzes one’s potential, destroys independence, weakens enthusiasm, discourages motivation and encourages procrastination. It wipes out one’s zeal and makes self-standing worthless. In the fear of poverty the wil-power drops to vaccum, thus ruins one’s ambition and invites failure in very easy form. It eliminates love and puts an end to the friendship relations as such fear grows only because of one’s inherited tendency to put down his fellow man economically, because one gets more satisfacation while eating his/her comrade financially.
The fear simply grows because of doubt, worry, disbelief and most commonly by the habit of looking at the negative side of every circumstance. Thinking of possible failure instead of concentrating upon the steps which could lead to success. Trying to acquire more knowledge of failure but never trying to create plans through which one could overcome failure. It is the fear of poverty that plays a havoc in one’s life. The stress levels begins to accelerate with  velocities of wind dominating everything in one’s mind, which results in sleepless nights, loss of comfort, anxiety and depression. The output that is yielded by this mental state is cent percent congruent i.e “Destruction”; the destruction of life and career & things that matter most. This mental state ( fear of poverty ) acts as a trigger of gun that is loaded with anxiety, depression and many more destructive problems. At first it doesn’t seem so hard and tough but slowly it gnaws gloomy holes into the soul and spirit, which ultimately result in suicidal intentions and put one close to a disaster.
So, whatever you have invest on yourself, spend on needy ones as life is not a smooth ramp, it will surely contain spate obstacles. Tables turn rounds, so if for time being anyone is facing hitches in life, the next number might be yours. Dive yourself out of this fear, come forward with faith and be determined enough to lead your way. Plant good desires in your mind, that for sure will yield precious and full-flavoured fruits in your life.