Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

By Aubaid Akhoon

Just as time is setting the stage for development and mankind is reaching the stage of development, in the same modern age, women are shining side by side with men because of their intellectual abilities and virtues. Every sector, be it political or social, economic or operational, women in each sector are on the path to development. An excellent example of this is Nadia Bhatt a 22 year old girl hailing from Nishat area of Srinagar Kashmir. Nadia started playing Rugby way back in the year of 2017. When she was studying in 11th standard at Kothi Bagh Higher secondary. She also dreams of flying and becoming a cabin crew.
According to Nadia in the year 2017 two girls had come to their school at Kothi Bagh. And they introduced the game to them. I had never heard the name of this game before that. But I was so excited and curious to play this game.
Nadia played so many other games as well like badminton etc. But this game she loved most, Nadia played at school level, district level. Nadia also represented J&K at the national level. I have played in different parts of the country like Punjab, Odisha that too with professional players / coaches says Nadia. According to Rugby players both girl’s and boy’s should get equality in every field,every society/ culture doesn’t give you that, but we deserve that.
Nadia also adds that Rugby is not just a game to play, it gives boost to your confidence, keeps you fit physically, develops your muscles, makes you disciplined, makes you more dedicated and hardworking in Gym, helps you to come out of depression. Infact all athletes and games do that in our life, so sports are important.
Nadia’s message to girls of Kashmir is! Fight like a woman! Because you are powerful in every possible way. Never go out to be liked by everyone because that will make you compromise. Be yourself. Stay positive and strong girl. You can win this world with your brain and purity.
“A strong Woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a women of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong”
“We wishing Nadia all the best for her future endeavors”
Aubaid Akhoon is resident of Panderathan Srinagar
A/P Ompora Housing Colony
Columnist is Working as Sr. Edp Head & Counsellor in DD Target PMT India’s Reputed institute For Medical /JEE /Competitive Coaching Classes and can be reached at akhoon.aubaid@gmail.com. Insta Ubi9305