Fiasco , A stepping stone to triumph

Bol ki lub Azad hein tayre

By SHEIKH Mudasir Muneer
Shopian Kashmir

Tund baad mukhalef say na gabra ay uqaab
Ye tu chaltey hay tujay uncha uddanay kay laye

   Kamyabe ki howa karti hay nakamee Daleel
Runj  atay hein tujay rahat Dalnay kay laye

Failure is not fatal and  can be  stepping stone to success,if you can make ” the failure to work for you “. Failure are our best teacher and mirrors who show us our real face.Every successful man fails at some time . Failure tells you about your delicacy , imperfection , privation of briefing,lack of deed. So,if you can manipulate to learn from failures ,you will undesirably hit where you initiated out to go.Making a goof is not a crime  and the potentiality to comprehend from it frok out to lasting sucess . Infer the lesson to be learnt from failure and try again with redoubled vigour . Facing failure makes us zealous ,sagacious more resolute ,and sprus us on to greater efforts.There is no failure in truth save from within, unless we are ill_treated there,we are bound to succeed.Failures means privation of briefing, aggressiveness,
Serutinize the things justly .it not only  blab us that we couldn’t primed ourselves up to the neck and neck of success and divulge our frailty, but also proffer us boosterism to try again with more briefings ,with more proletariat and diligent . Failures are the stepping stones to success .All triumphant men have failed ,not once but several times in their life but they serutinize the things in real stance and tried again with more robustness , zeal and got success . Failure should not be allowed to create exasperation , desperation and despondency. inliue of failure should be taken as a boon which gives you robustness to fight back with fierce fortitude and invincible zeal.One who attemps is always better than the one who goad not try serendipity .Only a person who dares to try can have a chance of success . Blesssed are those who once failed,is a saying worth to go after .it means that the failure makes us proficient to evaluate our frailty and purge us to reach the higher ideals and planks.Abhrahim Lincoln failed many times in his life but never got exasperation  and  brawl with more resolution and devotion and finally became the president of America.Nothing that comes too deftly is worth gratifying? When you hankering to succeed ,be ready to remunerate the outlay for it ,which includes braving failures and setbacks and remaining persistent with your attainment till the goal is wangle .The intension of failure may seem staggering if ogle collectively but looked at seriatim ,they no longer remain dreadful. you can either be defeated by failure or you can learn from it , scrutinize the cause of failure, takeaway them and endeavour again with all your  robustness and energy ,and that will doggedly get you triumph.Skimpy  idle talk,day dreaming aimless drifting do not take you to your goal ,but only divert your attention and dissipate your energy and roubstness . Privation , obstacles ,washout are normal impediments in the way of success .they are not to be evaded but are to be faced gallant , fearless and with double vigour.A child can seldom learn to walk ,with out making sustained and sincere efforts in the process destrite tumbling and falling down a number of times.His failure never deters him from standing again .The doggedness in the child’s resolve lies in making any number of attempts to stand up and walk whatever be the pain or fear of fall.The failures are the real path indicators of success .the failure give us clues to rectify our mistakes and tell us how to club our efforts in the right directions so that one day we get success positively.Our prodigious accolades is not in never nosedive but in rising every time we fall. Bijou minds are tamed and subdued by failures , catastrophe but prodigious minds rise above them.We must face every inimical circumstances as its master and do let it master us .Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their fiasco in the exordium .so, fiasco are the pylon of  accomplishment , stepping stones to accomplishment .
At the end ,My strong  message for them is :

Dust wa pa rakhtay hein tu baykar koui baytay rahein
Hum ootay gey apnee kismat khud bananay kay laye