Flirting With the true God

Seerat Nargis Dar

Those who are born on this planet earth and live their entire lives here do not realize why they are brought into this world? We all are running to convert this world into an entertainment park . That is terribly wrong . What is the purpose of life ? What is a perfect world ? I didn’t get the answers till date . Life in the world is a gift which has been given to us by God . All should be thankful to God for this wonderful gift. God has bestowed this unique gift upon us so we should try to understand it and the reason behind it. All religious people know that God doesn’t need us to praise Him. He is God whether He is praised or not . Our worship does not decrease or increase Him anything. There are already so many angels who consistently worship Him since centuries. Why are we here ? what is the purpose to live on this planet ? Man is leading his life on this planet to make his future bright . He thinks for his children. He is worried for his culture , caste , colour and civilization . None is willing to do what God really wants from a human being . Everything in this world has its right use and its wrong use. It depends upon us whether we use it or misuse it . God sent His prophets in order to show people the right path— making them understand that the worldly life is brief . The eternal life will start with death . But , who takes this fact seriously? I doubt why all Muslims remember God only on Fridays or in the month of Ramzan! God is more kind to us than 70 mothers but still I don’t know why we take God for granted? I agree, no matter how many sins we do , our merciful God will forgive us . But why can’t we learn from our mistakes ? Everyday , we are doing mistakes . The word ‘Human being ‘ should be replaced with the word ‘mistakes’ . Imagine we are trying to deceive and lie to the one who created us ! He is capable to destroy us and turn us into ashes . We are simply deceiving and lying to ourselves not to God . He does not need our sweet tongues to praise him. He needs pure hearts to remember Him . We also should try to minimise our sins to the best of our ability. Try to purify the soul . Try to create a difference between you and animal. Live for the humanity . God’s invisible angels are present with people and they are preparing the records of every deed and every moment. Now, choice is yours . You have to choose between your desire and the teachings of your God . The Quran( book of God, the only creator) answers our question in chapter 103 that history bears witness that man is in a loss except those who follow the course of life set by the creator. One thing , I realised in my life is that human beings are greedy . They are never satisfied in life and they die with thousands of unfulfilled desires . Everyone wants to know the purpose of his life . Everyone is in search of a happy. Everyone wants temporary joys . Please , don’t go after the material world . Find the real purpose of your life and live accordingly.

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