For the first time EVER Kashmiri & Dogri languages have been given respectable place in DARBAR”: BJP 

 “There is no proposal with GoI to change the script of Kashmiri. Surprised to see the so-called language-workers doing cheap politics behind veils,” : Dr Darakhshan

Srinagar* , Sept 4: BJP Spokesperson and Chairperson, Waqf Development Committee of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today took a hard dig on the so-called language experts and literary organizations over their sinister silence on the historical decision of the Central Government to include regional local languages Kashmiri & Dogri as the official languages of the UT. “In the history of the entirety, for the first time these languages have been given an official working status, but still some self-styled language-advocates have gone in hiding and are propagating vicious conspiracies against the decision. It is ironical and hypocrite of these cultural personalities and organizations who are getting yearly funds from the same government for the development of these languages, and now they are under veil in the garb of their parochial agendas circulating vicious material on social media platforms against the decision,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that some political groups and politicians are inciting them with their ill-logical speeches. “For seventy years, none of the local leaders could even talk about giving these languages their right place and when the union government did it without even their demand, they have lost the opportunity of doing politics, “said Dr Andrabi. She said that those who live on agitations have lost the opportunity to prove themselves as the advocates of languages are now hell bent upon creating confusions.  Dr Andrabi said that a section of the society has developed the habit of selling negativity and they were hell bent upon presenting every positive thing as a ‘conspiracy’. “Sooner the better, for the benefit of our society we need to shun this habit of ‘wailers’ to find one or the other baseless reasons to spread around as the weapon of hatred,” said BJP Spokesperson.  Inclusion of major scheduled-8 regional languages of the UT as official languages is the biggest occasion of the language lovers to rejoice and celebrate, but I am shocked to see even the organizations existing on government-stipend and grant, busy in conspiracies.  She also appealed to the electronic media organizations to behave responsibly while presenting the analytical reports or comments regarding this historical decision.  Reacting to the baseless propaganda to downplay this historical decision by spreading the rumors that Government of India was now changing the script of Kashmiri language, Dr Andrabi said that she discussed the issue with Dr Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of DoPT & PMO, who assured her that there is no such activity happening at all and this all was a rumor spread by some vested interests.