From Modelling to Acting,24 year old srinagar girl chooses Acting as profession

By Mushtaq Bhat

Srinagar, April, 16 : Farhana Bhat 24-year-old started her career as a model in 2014 and now she has switched to acting.
Her modelling career was a successful one and had the distinction of being the first model to work with the first e-commerce company in Kashmir called Kashmir box for a couple of years.

She had also worked with a Kashmiri pashmina manufacturer company in Russia for two years.“Besides, I did the modelling of a few other brands in Srinagar like Oberos and many others.”
In 2018Farhana got an opportunity to work in a movie and was thus casted in a Bollywood film Laila Majnu.
This opportunity gave her a boost and self-confidence. “It made me aware of my talent and I decided to switch to an acting career.”She then did acting course from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepare Mumbai in 2020.
“I don’t have any urge to become a star but I want to be good enough on my craft that I can do justice with my profession”
Talking about her interest she said, “I am more interested in art & craft and acting is also a part of it. I also love painting, making crafts, dancing and singing.”
Apart from being an actor, Farhana has been a gold medallist in martial arts.
After landing into this showbiz, Farhana said that she is very much passionate about acting and always works hard to give her best.
The photographer who clicks her most of the time is a senior one and has worked with top national as well as international brands.
What basically prompted Farhana to be a model initially, was that she gotsome offers.As she tried tried her luck into it, she loved it started doing it with passion “I also want to break the narrative that there are only a few professions which are accepted. I showed it that there are many things to do and earn a dignified living.”
Initially, she did not get a good response and got her fair share of roadblocks but despite all the notions, many people admired her work.
As Farhana has made her niche in showbiz industry, top brands in Kashmir reach to her.“I am also registered with all the top production houses in the valley and am available on social media platforms where I can be contacted.”
Remembering her first photo-shoot, she said that as a fashion model, she did it with Kashmir box and was fruitful to her. “I learnt much about modelling like posing postures, understanding the camera language, understanding the cues of different poses, playing with lights etc. The experience was wonderful for me as a beginner.”
Farhana said that the longest photo shoot she did was with her bridal photo-shoot in Gulmarg in minus temperatures. I still remember the bone chilling cold there.”
Another motivation foe Farhana to join this line was the fat pay cheques a person gets into this profession. “Modelling is a glamorous career and in modelling as well as the film industry one can make a very handsome amount of money and passion needs to commensurate with money.”
“I am up for all types of modelling be it runway print, electronic, calendar etc. But I won’t go for lingerie modelling.”
Talking about whether she will switch her career from modelling to acting completely, she said it depends on the platform she gets.
Mentioning her favourite model and actress she said, “Rosie Huntington Whitely who is an American model and actress as well is my all-time favourite. She is gorgeous and a confident woman. She might won’t be very famous but in the era of Kendalls and Hadids,she is my all-time favourite.”
Farhana says that the future of modelling in Kashmir is really good. There are a number of beautiful girls who are coming out of the box and go for modelling.
“People here are now accepting modelling as a career and it is a huge change in itself. I really want these strong and beautiful models of Kashmir to break all the shackles and opt it as a career.”
Sharing the upcoming projects, there are Fashion weeks and brands like wills Lifestyle, synergy1, Lakme Fashion and many more.”
“As of now, I am working with ‘Vibrant Kashmir,’ a short movie in which I am a second lead.The movie is a women-oriented movie.”
One thing I would like to say is that my Society was supportive and they always admire my work.
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