Go Beyond With The Power Of Faith

By :- Junaid Abdullah

“The man can have nothing except what he strives for …
(Al-Quran 53-39)

Mind (a software or can be named as a powerhouse) utilizes it’s energy nicely and functions effectively when we hand over to it any plan, desire or purpose which we wish to be transformed into physical form. Whether the desire(goal) is based on morality or not, whether it is small or big, good for society or not , it hardly matters to the mind. God has given our mind a power to act upon one’s desires and goals up to it’s ultimate. If we fail to plant goals or desires in our mind it will then nourish the worthless thoughts because it’s subconscious part never remains idle.
Now it obviously is in the hands of a man to examine whether the thoughts dominating his mind are constructive or destructive, because dominated thoughts magnetizes our mind which further attracts the power that coordinates with the nature of our dominating thoughts and that is why we must magnetize our mind with intense desire to accumulate big goals. But in contrary our minds are stuck to some limited achievements while this changed world is fond of practical dreamers who can and will reach to the highest levels. So For the accumulation of highest we must break the shackles of our mind in which we have entangled our goals and desires, then and only our mind will generate the power which is required for the accumulation of the best i,e the power of faith which supplies staying power and helps one to keep going when the going is hard. Mere plans are of no purpose until and unless we possess some extra ingredient which will help in fighting with obstacles when everything will be against. Beyond the shadows of doubt that extra ingredient is the power of faith which helps to stand up to the obstacles, when no one stands for you and surely it will be the obstacle that has to break not you. Because faith power does wonders.
If we analyze the records of any men who accumulated great fortune, we will find in them the coordination between the power of mind associated with the power of faith and the goals they possessed. But counter to it we tend to live among those people who refuse to set goals and win, who burry their ideas in their subconscious to enjoy failure, the reasons they counter may be different like the fear of criticism, poverty etc. which may fallow their way. This fear is only because of lack of faith and the negative impulses that have conquered their minds. Most unfortunate is that such negative thoughts inject themselves with their own accord into the thought impulses but the positive thoughts must be exercised and administered. So the obligation is to discourage the presence of such destructive thoughts and encourage the positive thoughts through the faculty of will power backed with faith. Because the control of mind through will power is never difficult. We obviously can’t ignore or slash the hardships of the world which will find our way, but neither should we allow them to dominate our thoughts, because the hurdles and obstacles that fallow our path are never certified to destroy our happiness and well being, it’s only when we are willing to be defeated. We just have to fallow our track with an attitude of faith so that we will receive sufficient power and reasonable confidence to achieve our big target. Imagine if a group of such powerful minds work together at the same time with spirit of harmony, then obviously the outcome will be quite surprising and society will prosper to better.
The trapped energy in our minds needs to be liberated and properly employed with faith because no matter how down we are, the best is within us we just need to stand up, find it out, release it and rise up with it. Change in our mindset is crucial because the changed way of thinking will give birth to new revolutionary thoughts, which will further lead to innovative actions and engaging in these actions wholeheartedly will sink one in the ocean of wisdom and wiseness.
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