Good Intentions And Bad Ways Can’t Go Together

‘What it reflects is what it means to be in light while cradling ignorance in your own lap’


And sometimes, it is better to go for negligence rather than a kind of a so called attention that creates mess later. Personally, I hate trends to follow when they make no sense but here in Kashmir, it’s something that hooks a huge flow. Only a thing that I wonder on is what is being promoted and how it turns to be a deep grief cum tragedy. Dear quality- you are being badly missed.                                 
While life is in clutches of chaos and confined to four walls, we are on edge of survival by hope and ultimate patience to watch passing waves. All the routes are ceased in a way that sometimes, there is confusion whether we are lifting burden of life or it is doing for us. Dizziness, stress, insomnia, mood swings and what not- this is what our life is decorated with. Some read novels, some write, some stay on their phones- watching movies, series, comedy so on and these are ways to pass on time or to waste it. Online education can be another source that contributes to the same thing.
But wait, I talk about comedy, right? Although, it will be wastage of time to explain what exactly it is and what it means in Kashmir particularly. To be frank, there is no concept of comedy in Kashmir. Believe me or not, if a person comes up with his opinions in a way of satire and sarcasm, no matter they convey deep messages yet sometimes they are badly misinterpreted that a person has to go through a lot- it switches on to harsh language, rise a debate of irrelevance and aggressive fight.
You may have got a clue to whom I’m addressing to. If not, then Shabir Khanbali, a most humiliated person on the name of comedian. He is too like a rape victim suffering in a daylight. His life is in darkness but camera flashes strike his eyes every day and night. I don’t know what he has gone through, how he became somehow mentally ill, either was it since birth ordue to some tragic tragedy, Allah knows better. No matter what it is, how he is, give him a space to live his life and stop restricting him by being his so called fan, lover and don’t make him a toy to please others. Now, our accusing statements like he is pretending to be mentally abnormal or our hypothetical analysis that come with both some clearance and doubt. So, it’s better to show no reaction if you don’t the backdrop context.
Therefore, After his dialogues got viral on social media- the new hub of disgracing people, some people found philosophy in them and some regarded him as an emerging comedian but when he stepped out beyond the rope, now he is this mentally ill that he don’t need any care and attention. Recently, his new video hit the stands, it broke hearts of almost everyone fan of his as he can be heard and seen using words about Quran that still thunder my soul. It hurt me a lot but there is nothing like surprise. We can expect things like this from a person who don’t know what he is saying, where he is and what he is doing! Shabir is one of them but he is a human too. A normal man can abuse when irritated out of limits. I feel shame on those who are capturing him from day in and day out. ” A shame for us too”.
It was fine for you to hear him and laugh loud when he called a girl by some other name like “Chober” or Maal”. It was fine to watch him when he suggests you ” how to get a  girlfriend”. Hopefully, everyone has watched his videos if not fully but for a while. In some video, he is a character, trying to get a girlfriend and in which he offers another character, a property of six crores to be his girlfriend. When everything failed, he tries to sing a song and it works when his desired girlfriend is unable to sleep for a whole night. Like seriously? I wonder! Ya Allah, Guide us to right path. Guys, if you think girls are so cheap or a product to be brought, I’m sorry, you either brainwash yourself or die where there is no source for you to meet death. I know that I write cramp but I don’t write shit. I may be a failed writer but I will never allow money to force me to compromise with what I’m doing.
However, it’s not his fault but I send pity on those through parcel who guided him to talk this shit and deprived him more rather than helping him to get on a right track. I repeat that no one knows about him but still he is being made a bad joker, that’s saddest and disgusting. I don’t know also whether he is consciously Subconscious or Subconsciously conscious. For instance, a normal man also can be consciously Subconscious when he thinks over something critically and deeply. There are persons who are conscious about everything but they do subconscious acts with pleasure and intention or use someone else in the same way! Don’t you think that it’s time to repent or reshaping ourselves?
From his repeating dialogues to some remembered songs, from exposing his own property to cricket commentary, from buffering a word ” Rantas” to sounds he is forced to buffer out, from calling yourself his fan to humiliating him enough, from imitating a Moluna to disgracing Quran- how much would we get blinded to humiliate him for our own satisfaction that he is making us laugh? Maybe, somewhere in the corners of the world, his loved ones are enduring pain, agony fusing from what’s he is doing in subconsciousness.
Providing him with basic necessities is worth mentioning and appreciation deserving but I wish, you couldn’t have shoot a video. For Instance, if you call yourself his fan, you wouldn’t have wore a shirt with his dialogue written, you wouldn’t have asked him for what “Rantas” looks like and so on. If you are his fan, embrace him with utmost love, guidance and help him in a way you can and do it behind the curtains as showing off can never be a good deed yet intentions do matter.
If he can be an actor in your videos for some particular purpose, he has to act accordingly as per script is written. So, give him a script that can change his life of tragedies, helplessness and full of consciousness. He has this capacity and capability if guided well, he can be like you- maybe! If you’re doing subconscious stuff in consciousness then why can’t he do conscious stuff in subconsciousness? Give it a minute to think, please! This analysis reflects a script writer is doing subconscious acts when is better at consciousness.
Please, if you can’t change anything, that’s also fine but don’t transform things from bad to worse by doing it on the name of making change. Seriously, I feel so scared about a person who always tries to please others in a bad way, he may end up with nothing but his own destruction when it comes to defaming one’s character, degrading other person or any particular gender for his cause, living with faded faith and what not. That’s why checking on yourself instantly is far better than keeping eyes on other people. To create burden is easy but displeasing and destroying and to lift it off is tough but overcoming and shaping us better. Now, choice is all yours.
I know, your intentions are pure to make us laugh but as matter of concern, it is must to know and rely on that ” Good intentions and bad ways can’t go together”. We all have different mediums to convey our messages like some make videos, some write etc. I don’t know what medium you’re using for the same purpose but make sure your content is worth watching or read. Watching videos has enough reach than reading an article or a book. So, focus on your content. Let evils die. Don’t let money to crush your work. Reflect things that matter and can be helping to others. Promote yourself in a way that It can impact you and other people as well, as ” Charity begins at home”. I believe, “the person who givelessons to other people but have no impact of the same is worst weaknesses of that person. It reflects what it means to be in light while cradling ignorance in your own lap”.
Lastly, I am astonished to see how senseless content is created and promoted. It’s like we have a disorder to promote shit, enjoy it later but it’s extremely unfortunate. For instance, if you disgrace a girl by calling her with other name to make us laugh, if someone is humiliated to please someone or anything that is shameful and wrong but it’s done through a good medium by you, I am sorry to say but you need a immediate mental check up. Maybe, your mind’s nose is still flowing, get a handkerchief of sense, have a quilt of critical thinking and then sleep well. But, make sure you are coming out of your bed with sensibility, rationality, and justice to what you are doing or intent to do. I know, you will stop him promoting, that is obvious but also please do stop giving suggestions to youth how they can get a girlfriend. Guys, I believe, there is much more good stuff to explore, try that and I know you can do it. And yes, if you want to save yourself from self destruction , leave following trends. Try something different. It’s not important that a majority is doing a particular thing, so it’s not wrong, sometimes, you can be right alone.