Gupkar Declaration 1“old wine in new bottle”. “Ashok Bhat”

Srinagar, August 28: n a statement Shri. Ashok Bhat, District President, Srinagar, BJP while reacting to the Gupkar
Declaration said, instead of answering for its follies in J&K by the political parties, who had been in
power from time to time, either National Conference, Congress or PDP, a new spectacle being played
to continue befooling or deadening the people of Union Territory of J&K. History is witness, that the
tenure of Abdullah’s has been full of corruption, deception, extremely poor governance and stifling of
democratic institutions of J&K. How can one forget the making over of J&K a paradise into hell, a gift
of National Conference to the citizens of J&K in league with Congress. Motive of NC fulfilled by the
Congress by fuelling the spark and thus both of them are responsible for annihilation, mass
corruption, killings, terrorism or laying down the foundation, is for approximately thirty years. The
destiny of J&K ruled out ironically by the birth of late Abdullah and then unfortunately the wicked
part being played by his successors substantiated extinction, desolation, massacring, horror, anxiety
and what not. Every time the people of J&K wanted to look forward for a better leadership, the same
has been left to suffer for their personal gains of these parties without any due care and culpability.
The dynasty leadership enjoyed their lavish life by possessing personal gains, bungalows, hotels and
office of profit, almost everywhere on planet. Their close proximity with the main leadership of
Congress has been the main curse and cause of revocation of Article 370 and Article 35 within the
framework of the Constitution of India, resultantly proved deleterious to J&K by striping from
development, peace, happiness, prosperity and strength. The drama of Gupkar declaration is the
result of their total frustration and defeat, the ones shouting for restoration of Article 370 and Article
35 is mealy for their electoral gains and political mileage. Farooq Abdullah used to claim, himself as a
true nationalist, had he been so ought to have been contended after the abrogation of these articles.
Instead of approbation, acclamation and honor to our Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble Home
Minister for propagation of one nation, one constitution and one slogan, he has started to work as
Hurriyat and now by claiming such a discontented declaration, that country can never tolerate and
moreover BJP has always been against the anti-national action, motive and elements, when every one
knows the abrogation of such articles have opened the doors for growth and development in J&K,
private investors can invest and boost the economy, better medical and education facilities can be
provided to the residents of J&K. Besides Central Govt. will definitely curb the corruption since it
being a Union Territory now and authorities are in a better position to bring peace and prosperity in
the Union Territory especially valley.
Mr. Bhat also added that the people of J&K are politically now politically more mature and cannot be
deceived the way they have been prior to the abrogation of Article 370. People have understood that
it’s the BJP only, which can bring the days of happiness and smile on every face of citizen here. Our
Hon’ble Prime Minister says that the mission of BJP here is to reach out to the citizens using the
development ladder. We are not involved in any dynastic politics for our personal gains. We wonder
how these parties are still talking about any thing for which they have already been reprobated or
declined by the people of our Union Territory of J&K and Ladakh.