A Canadian national Dr Ahmed Bilal who has been chosen as a special feature for full magazine  by the OIC (organization Islamic Cooperation) today biz magazine.  Head office in Jeddah Saudi Arabia
He is a world renowned face reader for health issues and is a holistic medicine physician and has travelled North South East and West.
The OIC has recognized his incredible work and have taken his interview to introduce him to the muslim world.
OIC is the largest organization in the world that represents 56 Muslim countries internationally.
Ibni Sina was the prince of physicians and his work was appreciated from the 10th century and vastly used till the 17th century. He was the inventor of many great things including anaesthesia, he was also haafizul quraan at a young age of ten and a physician at the age of 16.
Hakim Ajmal Khan was the healer of the nation in the 19th century who also used to do face diagnosis and holistic healing with poetry people believe Dr Bilal is the healer of the world in the 21st century with same qualities of Hakim Ajmal khan and Ibni Sina.
Dr Bilal has done us proud as the Muslim community internationally he has received many awards and accreditation for his remarkable work

We look forward to the book he will be launching soon on holistic poetic medicine.

_To reach Dr Bilal email him scientificalternative@yahoo.ca
Also u may contact him via WhatsApp and send your videos in for face Analysis if u are not able to meet him in which country he is. This is a very unique and convenient method to have your face reading diagnosis done_