We are familiar with the current situation of pandemic so we need to focus on things other than school education and book learning there is another different type of education which I think is more important than book knowledge and that is our personality development and moral ethics. This education cannot be gained from books. This depends wholly and soolly on our character, exposure and experience. For gaining this exposure one has to come in field and interact with different type of people. Therefore community service is a very good option for above said exposures. Community service include helping people in different aspects like giving food to hungry people , donation , feel the pain of others and help them to sort it out etc. These things can be done as a volunteer or being a part of an NGO.
Community service helps in character building of an individual and makes him an experienced person to face day today problems and tackle them calmly. By this community service develops the personality of an individual. While interacting with people we came to know what the problems in our society are and with gained experience we can make ourselves capable to handle these problems if god forbids we came under them at any instant of life.
In these tough times of COVID community service plays a very important role in our society as due to lockdown many day wagers and poor people are in desperate need of food and medicines so it is our responsibility to reach their demands and help them in any possible way. This is not only a community service but also work of grace in the eyes of god.
A very big community service in today’s times is to spread awareness programmes regarding vaccination and remove misconception from the minds of people regarding vaccination so that all get vaccinated and we can save our society nation and all humanity from this fatal virus.
By these ways of community services we not only build our personality and physical fitness. Also leadership qualities get developed in ourselves and we get to know how to interact with people and make them understand how actually things are happening.
Kashmir as being very less developed in the field of education if we see broadly and hence it is very difficult to motivate people towards getting jabbed, keeping this thing in consideration I felt a need of the youth like me to come forward in these times. As far as my opinion is concerned I came to realize that the people mostly in my vicinity believe more in rumors than on the truth because it is there mindset that doesn’t allow them to think about it. In the very beginning I mentioned about the development of a person apart from books and this is where what so called Socialization influences the common masses. By giving reference of the COVID-19 I somehow summed up this whole thing of development of a person apart from books and I feel like the community service will be one of the best ways to get the youth involved in.
Concluding this whole I came up with this idea which I want to share with everyone who came this far reading the entire above article. It is very necessary for a child to get involved in some extra co-curricular activities because it is a known fact that near about 85% of the successful people have a very well build personality quotient which in fact won’t come from the books alone and there has to be something which keeps them going through the modern times. And I hope that by this thing our coming generations are going to see a remarkable change in the history of overall development of a nation because it is the man that makes it.
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