The hidden beauty of CHENAB VALLEY is hub of attraction after Kashmir valley .The Chenab valley is also known as the Chenab region . In the Chenab valley there are unseen beauty of Chenab valley .If we look at the Chenab river flowing through the kistwar doda Ramban district of Jammu division in the Jammu and Kashmir ,union territory; India.

CHENAB VALLEY lies between the middle and outer Himalayan range in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is divided into three districts: Doda, Ramban, and Kishtwar and 1 sub-division of Reasi are also believed to be a part of this sub-region. The valley touches the Anantnag district of Kashmir Valley to the north, Kishtwar district to the north-east, the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, and Kathua district to the South, the Udhampur district to the southwest, and Salal Reasi Subdivision to the West, with Doda in its middle.
CHENAB VALLEYis rich in cultural heritage and ethical values, but also has age-old traditions of secularism and tolerance.The main occupations of the people of the valley are farming and cattle rearing.
CHENAB VALLEYis home to a variety of ethnic groups. Among the languages spoken in Chenab Valley are the following: Kashmiri, and its dialects Rambani, Pogali, Kishtwari and Serazi is the most widely spoken language in the region. The other major languages are Gojri, Pahari, Ladakhi, Dogri, Bhaderwahi

CHENAB VALLEY is the Hub of hilly tourist attraction after KASHMIR .Some of them are……

    Bhaderwah is a town located in the district of Doda in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, it has been given the status of sub-district. A thrilling horse ride can be enjoyed around the valleys to have a look around the beautiful landscape. Skiing can be enjoyed on the slopes of the snow-filled mountains.At an elevation of 1613 meters, the town is also popular for the different species of snakes. It is also popularly referred to as the Land of Snakes or Nagaon ki Bhoomi. Bhaderwah Valley is also called Mini Kashmir,Due to the widely spread natural vegetation and the beautiful peaks, it is referred to as Mini Kashmir. The city, because of the cold climate, gives the feel of being in Kashmir.The city is also popular for trekking as it lies in the foothills of the mountain range. Also, the city is popular for the 600-year-old festival, Mela Pat.
    Some Important Places are…….
    The beautiful green valley lies in the North-East of Bhaderwah at a distance of 32 kilometres. It is connected to the city by the Bhaderwah-Link Road and bisects the stream named Jai Nallah.
    It is a small valley which is located 6500 feet above sea level. It offers a captivating view from specific points such as Thuba, which is the precise point that splits Bhaderwah and Chinta Nallah.
    Popularly called as the Crown of Bhaderwah, it is a beautiful place surrounded by snow-capped mountains and coniferous forests. On the west, the river Kailash Kund emerges from the mountains, giving the landscape a gorgeous appearance.
    Established in 1733, the Bhaderwah fort used to house Pandit Kashyap Bandhu, the later former Chief Minister Sheik Mohammad Abdullah and many other freedom fighters. The structure was eventually converted into a prison in 1919.
    Exploring the hidden beauty of Kishtwar.
    Kishtwar is full of hidden charm, wonderful sites and spots, health resorts, tourist locations, famous historical and religious places, shrines and monuments. Some major valleys and tourist spots of Kishtwar are Sinthan top, Mughalmaidan, Saffron valley, Padder (Sapphire mines), Machail, Kishtwar National park, Dachhan, Marwah and Warwan valley. These are very beautiful places to visit, one can easily fall in love with the natural beauty of Kishtwar. Some of the beautiful spots and shrines are given below:
    In the center of the Kishtwar.There is a big play ground/ grazing field known as Chowgan. Its area is about 520 Kanals or 165 Acres. It is surrounded by Chinard, Deodar and different kinds of trees. It is the main attractive place in the Kishtwardistrict. On its North there is a big temple called Gori ShankerMandir and in its south their is a Shrine (Ziyarat) namely “ASRAR-U-DIN BAGDADI”. Its ancient name is Goverdhansar which was a beautiful lake in the olden days, but with natural crisis all of its water flow down after which it was used for playing and grazing field. This ground is now developed in a modern ground with electric lights and different types of flowers all around it. All live stock ( goat, cow etc.) of Kishtwar area depends much on this ground. Its herbs and grass is very nutritious and useful for animals. Maximum numbers of people are used to walk on this ground in the morning and evening. There is also a small helipad / airport on its North. Numbers of villages are surrounded to this playground that adds its beauty. It is about 1500 meters far from the main bus stand of Kishtwar. There are all type of facilities available to reach this place. It touches Dak Bungalow, Kuleed from its right side and Bun Astan, Matta and Sarkoot from its left side. This ground acts as intermediate between these places.
    2.SAFFRON FIELDS: (Pochall): A place of attraction for the tourists are the saffron fields of Kishtwar located mainly in Pochhal, Hatta, Bera Bhatta, Matta and Berwar villages nearby Kishtwar town. Saffron flowers are in full blossom in the months of October and November every year, so this time is the best for visit to Saffron fields. The view of purple colored Saffron flowers, spreads like a blanket over the fields. The fragrance scattered by this blossom in the atmosphere gives a heavenly touch to the environment. Early In the morning before sun rises women folk, men and children in their colorful attires go to the saffron fields for plucking flowers.
    3.KISHTWAR HIGH ALTITUDE NATIONAL PARK : Kishtwar National Park is a beautiful place, located
    in the Kishtwar district of UT of Jammu and Kashmir. It was majorly founded to protect the Snow Leopards that are now slowly vanishing from the nature. This park is situated at a distance of 40 kms from the Town of the Kishtwar.
    4.SHRINE OF SHAH ASRARUD DIN BAGDADI (RA): 02 Km from Main Bus Stand on the South Eastern corner of Chowgan Stands the Scarred and Famous Shrine of Shrine of Shah Asrarud Din (RA). About him it is said that he was a born Saint (Wali) and began to talk soon after his birth. He performed miracles to the astonishment of all. He began foretelling the future, making the Walls to Walk and bringing the Dead back to life. On 25th Kartik (Bikrimi) the 03 days Annual Urs is celebrated and Thousands of devotees visit the Shrine for seek- ing blessing of great Saint.
    5.SHRINE SHAH FARIDUD DIN BAGDADI (RA): 1.5Km from Main Bus stand a major Pilgrimage attraction “SHRINE OF SHAH FARIDUDDIN DIN BAGDADI(RA)” is situated. Shah Sb. Came from Bagdad (IRAQ) along with his four disciples came to Kishtwar during rule of Raja Jai Singh. The high spirituality status of Shah sb. and the miracles done by him impressed everyone including Raja Jai Singh. 7th of Harr (Bikrimi) is celebrated as Urs of Shah Faridud Din Bagdadi (RA) every year in which thousands of pilgrims coming from all over the State & adjoining States participated. Beside religious discourses & other rituals scarred relics are also displayed during Urs on 7th Harr i.e. month of June every year.
    1.DAGAN TOP:
    Dogan Top is situated about 10kms from Gool on Gool-Mahore road. It is situated at an altitude of nearly 2000 metres above thesea level and offers a panoramic view of the Gool town. The area has lush green meadows and offers excellent opportunity for winter games like skiing and snow sledges. The paragliding can also be done here. A helipad is located at the top.In summer months cool breeze is swirling around.
    This place is famous for the sulphur spring whose water is believed to have miraculous healing powers. It is located at about 40kms from the Ramban town. Thousands of people throng the place from June to ending November every year from within and outside the state particularly from neighboring Punjab state to take a dip in these revered spring to get rid themselves of ailments particularly Dermatitis and Arthritis.
    Sanasar is the name given to the two small villages of Sana and Sar in Jammu province, Jammu and Kashmir state, India. Named after small local lakes, Sana and Sar are located 20 km west of Patnitop, Udhampur district on the national highway 1A. A nearby mountain range is called the Shanta Ridge. The Shank Pal Temple is located at the highest point of the Shank Pal ridge, at an altitude of 2,800 metres, a few hours’ walk from Sanasar. The 400-year-old temple is dedicated to Nag Shank Pal. No mortar was used to join the stones of the temple. Shanta Gala is a pass on the Shanta ridge which offers a view of the Panchari valley on the other side of the ridge. The pass leads to the Lander area.
    The Lush Wooded Pine Forest In Patnitop Offers Ample Opportunity For Trekking[/caption]This state is known for its many picturesque locations and landmarks, and travelling to Jammu and Kashmir. Patnitop is located in the Lower Himalayan Range close to the Pir Panjal range, 47 km from Udhampur and 112 km from Jammu.This famous hill resort is perched on a beautiful plateau, at an altitude of 2024 m across which the Jammu-Srinagar Highway passes. The towns of Kud and Batote are nearby. Kud is a very small town where sweet shops make fresh Patissa (a sweet). It may be bought hot and melts in one’s mouth. Batote is known as a place for quality rajma or the kidney bean.
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