How To Prepare For Entrance Exam

By Sumaiya Khatoon

It is rightly said ‘A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stop. But what determines the success of this journey is how well you take the first step. Hence, it’s imperative for you to start your preparation for entrance exam on a strong note.
Given below are some effective ways that can help you prepare well for the eventual test ahead and perform to the best of your ability.

  1. Know the Exam
    To be able to crack tough nuts like NEET, JEE, etc. You should know the in and out of the exam. Understanding the examination, question paper pattern, syllabus, difficulty level, etc can stand you in good stead. It will not only prepare you for the eventual test up ahead but also play a crucial role in helping you implement effective strategies to handle the exam well.

2. Time Management Is the Key
It is rightly said that time and tide waits for none. Those who understand the value of time, manage to stand apart from the crowd. Effective time management plays a pivotal role in augmenting your productivity. It helps tasks seem less daunting and keeps you organized. Managing your time well boosts self confidence, helps set priorities and reduces stress levels. Apart from that, it also helps make the best use of the available time, thereby leaving time for recreational activities.

3. Understand The Concepts
Good command of the subject is necessary to ace the exam. You should have a deep understanding of the subject and should thorough with the theoretical aspects. In addition to this, you should focus on the concepts. Conceptual clarity helps learn things easily and retain the information for a long. It is rightly said, the race is half won if your fundamentals and concepts are clear. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the concepts before you learn them.

4. Inculcate note taking Habit
One of the essential habits that you need to inculcate from day one is note taking. This will not only help you keep pace and understand your lectures in a better way but will also keep your mind alert and attentive during the class. Note taking is definitively one of the best ways to keep your mind engaged. In addition, make your own notes while studying to give an extra boost to your learning. They can be of great help during the crucial time before the exam. Just a glance over your notes will help you recall whatever you have learned.

5. Study Everyday
Studying every day by setting short-term goals not only helps you keep pace with your lessons but also keeps you organized. It further reduces your efforts and you won’t feel the pressure during the examinations. On the other hand, procrastinating your learning only adds to your burden. Therefore, do not sum up your tasks as it reduces efficiency and increases pressure. Instead, whatever is taught in the class, follow it at home in order to improve the intensity of learning.

6. Know Your Weakness
Identifying your weakness right in the beginning can help you know where you stand, what your abilities are, and how much effort you need to put in to reach the top. Your weaknesses are neither your downfall nor something that you lack, but what you need to develop and build. Knowing your pitfalls gives you an opportunity to work on them and improve your performance.

7. Never Give Up
True, life throws numerous challenges at you. But if you learn to cope up, no problem or situation is so big that you lose faith in your abilities and think of giving up. Also, you should keep in mind that within every struggle lays an opportunity to succeed. You should thus keep pushing yourself and keep trying until you succeed. Under no circumstances should you ever think of quitting. Learn to take every difficulty as an opportunity in disguise and always remember that nothing is impossible if you have the courage and will power to do it.