As we all know that the whole world is suffering from COVID -19 pandemic since 2020 due to this, the world is facing serious lockdown and same is the case in India. People were facing difficulties in these tough times because business, tourism, schools, transport were  totally under shut down during these times to stop the spread of this fetal disease and to break the enormously growing chain of positive cases. If we talk about India it saws a very harmful second wave of COVID-19 as the number of positive cases cross 5 lack mark in the month of RAMAZAN and death troll crosses 5000 per day spike. It is pretty sure that second wave was worst than first one. This is only because when first wave ends people of India including Kashmiries thought that COVID is over and throw social distancing and wearing of masks on a side and start usual things like overcrowding etc which results in horrific second wave.

Now from sometime India is facing a great decrease in positive cases and fatalities so administration and government has started easing lockdown in different sectors phase wise. Business, tourism, transport, education sector  has  been restarted in many states of India like Delhi, Karla  etc provided that COVID sops should be followed strictly because doctors have predicted possible third wave will come which may be more harmful  for children. Students are feeling frustrated at homes due to consecutive lockdowns since 2019.
This frustration and worry about their future results in DEPRESSION which leads to surge in SUCIDE CASES in KASHMIR in  which majority of people come in teen age (18 – 25).
If we talk about KASHMIR, we know that our EX state and presently union territory is under bureaucratic rule since 5 august 2019 after abrogation of article 370 & 35-A.
Presently LG is the head of J&K and here is absence of democratic government, due to dip in COVID cases here our administration has permitted  business, transport, tourism, paid parks, picnics, meetings, political gatherings, shops, trains etc to resume their work by following COVID SoP’s but the EDUCATIONAL INSTUTUTES have not been given permission to resume their physical work. Students are still getting online education which will never be equated with offline mode especially in KASHMIR because we live in a turmoil zone in which every single day starts with an encounter and the INTERNET remains suspended for about 2 to 3 days. In this way we only get 3 or 4 days to study in a week only which in my view point is discrimination with the students of J&K. I want to ask a simple question to our administration DON’T WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION. In 2019 we were at home for at least 7 consecutive months without internet. Then in 2020 and 2021 survived under lockdown and now if parks, tourists, transport, business have been given permission to function on routine basis WHY NOT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES?  
We all know that the students are the future of every nation and only students are sitting at homes while as all other sectors are working freely. So as to secure the future of students and nation government and administration should think about it especially LG administration of J&K as cases have been decreased to very high instant. Now it is the need of the hour to resume physical mode of education quickly after complete vaccination and sanitization of institutes. This step in my view is good for both students as well as administration.
SHAHID SHAMEEM is a budding journalist and a permanent writter for Kashmir Canvas he can be reached at CONTACT:-9541666560 / s7051999583@gmail.com