Some of the reasons clean toilets are so crucial are:
A dirty toilet is a hub for germs which spreads many diseases to anyone who visits them or even those who come in touch with users. It is thus imperative that the toilets are always clean.

A clean toilet reduces the risk of any disease of one person who used it being picked up by another through germs in the air or on the various parts of the bathroom. This makes a clean toilet indispensable for the health of everyone who uses it.
Diseases such as flu spread mostly through indirect contact and a toilet is one such platform where it may be breed and spread. It is therefore important that a toilet is always kept clean.
A clean toilet does not smell and apart from the embarrassing aspects of a smelly toilet, it is also healthy and thus it is always needed that the bathroom be kept clean.
Stains in a toilet can leave a very negative impression in the minds of any guests to the toilet and thus it is needed that the toilet is always clean.
Germs in the toilet can lead to serious diseases such as a UTI and this must be avoided which needs a clean toilet.
An unclean basin can lead to diseases that affect the users of the toilet and thus it becomes imperative that the toilet is clean.
A toilet that has a clean floor shows that it is taken care of and the risk of germs being present there are minimal and thus it is important to keep the toilet floor clean.
Keeping the toilet lid closed is also an important part of a clean toilet and is important aspect as it means that the stale air and germs in the pod does not affect the whole toilet.
Keeping a clean shower and bathtub is important so that the body is not subjected to any infectious components when taking a bath.
In schools it is important to have clean toilets so that students who have less immunity than adults do not contract any diseases. Kids also have more access to germs during games etc and thus have more potential of spreading the same.
A clean toilet in a school gives the kids their first experience at public toilets and they need to learn to discern between acceptable and unacceptable standards for public cleanliness in public systems.
Schools also need clean toilets so that young kids can get accustomed to using toilets and not alternatives. A clean toilet inspires confidence in them to make use of the same.
A clean toilet at the office is necessary for the health of the employees and it has been scientifically proven that a factor such as a clean toilet inspires employees to be more dedicated towards work as it is felt that their employer is in tune with their needs of hygiene.
A clean toilet at work also gives the right impression to the clients as a dirty toilet is likely to put off clients. A dirty toilet points to negligent office workers and creates a negative image to the client.
Overall, the health and other benefits of a clean toilet are too many to be overlooked.
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