Inadequate approval of PMAY quarters in North District Kupwara

People seek Extension, Intervention of LG and District administration

Pirzada Abdul Rashid

Kupwara, March, 19: Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna in Rural Development Block, Hahaima in North District Kupwara has become a scheme of discrepancy many deserving persons have deprived of approval of short number of quarters. People demand for extension in PMAY cases. While giving details many deserving people in the area have shown their frustration over the loss of PMAY quarters.
Those living in temporary tin sheds in the area are living a miserable life. However, there was a hope among the people that one day they would be brought under PMAY category by the government and they too would build housing structures for themselves and spend their lives with their children.
The hope of deserving people was shattered when only one or two cases of PMAY per constituency came to light by the Rural Development Department in which only those people with reference to Hayama Babapura area were given preference.
Lt. Governor Administration and District administration has been asked to review the PMAY case in Babapura Hayama and issue PMAY quarters to the families living in temporary tin sheds.
People said that they live in temporary sheds in this hope that if not today then tomorrow they will be helped by the government and they will be able to build their own housing structures.
Orders issued by the government to issue a very small number of PMAY quarters has come to fore. There was also a period of accusations against the investigating officers in which the people accused the Gram Panchayat members and the employees of the Rural Development Department of bringing the approved persons into the PMAY category and in many places contradicted each other. Many sensible people said that the government has created a big stir among the people by approving a small number of PMAY quarters. Do it again so that there will be no problem among the people and brotherhood will be established among the people again.