By J.S.Amir

Iqra Shabhan is a 19 years old young artist from Soura Srinagar, Kashmir. She was born on 26 otober 2001. She is pursuing her BBA from Islamia College of science and Commerce. She has been making sketches and drawing since her childhood. Iqra herself said: ” During my childhood, I used to do sketching by drawing my favorite cartoons and their sketches but I never knew that I shall drew myself into it and my interest shall increase to the level to it that I shall get to be known by it”.
Her parents supported him in her art besides this her friends also supported her. She got good reaction from public in her art. Iqra said: ” I never knew that a talent I had in the childhood, skipped for a long time then, came back to it, again drew my goodness, my love and my compassion towards it, will turn into the goodness, the love and the compassion I have because I always aimed at giving people a message, a reason to smile and a source to think through my sketches and I think, it’s because of this, that people are able to read the story hidden beneath the sketching that I draw. I am glad that people get more than what I want and aim to serve through my portraits”. Iqra is a humble girl from a humble background. She always owes whatever she have had to her parents because it’s her sincerity that makes her think the whole we have is because of the courage, love and support from the parents. Such a humble and talented girl she is! Indeed! Her inspiration is Kamran sketch art. He is an artist from Bandipora district.
Although Iqra had been doing sketching from her childhood but because of some issues, she left sketching for some time and, it’s just recently in the February 2020 that she resumed it.. After resuming sketching, she started making sketches and portraits of many great personalities and others too who have earned their name with their achievements. With all the love and support from Allah and her parents, she won many sketching competitions and hence, received many awards, certificates and appreciations from many organizations. Iqra said, “Hard work is the way towards success and it’s because of hard work that one can achieve it’s dreams but, apart from it, Duas and support from the parents are must. We should never stop ourselves in pursuing our dreams and ambitions because that’s what makes us and our life too”. We wish her a good luck for the next in her life!
In a message to young artists she said, “keep practicing…… never stop chasing dreams…. and don’t give up “Her aim is to become a perfect artist. In a message for pubic, she said, “People should support every talent that present in their children. Friends should also support and motivate artists”

J.S AMIR is a student of BA Honors Political Science at DAV College Amritsar
Social media handles: @js_amir_