Is success Worth The Shadow Of Side?

By Mehvish Nabi

Success is complicated. We love to Praise people for becoming famous, for winning championships , and for making tons of money, but we rarely discuss the costs of success.
The fact that you cannot escape the downsides of your strengths brings us to an interesting decision point. People often talk about the success they aspire to in life.
The most important question ? to ask yourself is not,
WHAT KIND Of SUCCESS Do I Want? but rather, what kind of pain do i want ?
Do you want the shadow that comes with the success ?
Do you want the baggage that comes with the bounty ?
What kind of Pain Are you willing to Bear in the name of achieving what you want to achieve ?
ANSWERING this question honestly often leads to more insight about what you really care About than thinking of your DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS.
SUCCESS is IN OFTEN Tied To FAILURE IN Another area, especially at the extreme end of performance.
The more extreme the GREATNESS The LONGER The shadow it casts.
To phrase it differently, the more one’ dimensional your Focus, the more other areas of LIFE suffer . It’s the four BURNER Theory in Action.
The more you turn up one burner, the more you risk others burning out.
The things that make people great in one area often make them miserable in others.

Mehvish Nabi is a Class 12th student at DD Target PMT Parraypora