By Umar Bashir

Our Religion hasn’t let any field where it can’t guide and paradigm us towards satisfying end. In each and every field we have been given sacred and staunch teachings for congenial & gratifying way of coeval life. But unfortunately with the going continuum of time , man has geniunely repressed those very divine teachings and opted guzzling ones for its own comfort , greed on decease of Others creatures , environment etc etc which later came at him in more ferocious & baneful way , that’s what whole world is witnessing now a days Either in the form of diseases , disasters , or any other jagging or intruding creeper.
As we all are well savvy about the deliberate deterioration and degradation of environment by man through by ideas , wastes , consumption etc etc . And to mitigate or Restore those Cardinal assets by making announcement , whole world is celebrating the world environment day on 5 June of each year , the celebration is not like firecrackers or other things but on this day celebration is considered as awareness , importance of Environ and our behaviour with Environ with the passive slogen of “” Restore our Environment””. So to make it more powerful for inspiration and motivation , we will deal with this restoration through our religion and seek what our religion is teaching and tabulating us about this issue , after then we will follow those very teachings and wisdom results will be definitely seen .
Protection of environment is most imperative and important aspect of our religion and protection teachings are mentioned in our quran in many times , so it becomes mandatory for every human whether Muslim or not , to protect our environment , as quran is for whole Humanity not for Muslims only , so should be followed without hesitation. Everybody is being encouraged to maintain a healthy balance and relationship with Each other creature and environment , as there is genuine purpose of creating every single organism in this whole world , so we should respect the balance of nature between we and other biotic or abiotics of Environ. And protection of environment is essential to Islamic beliefs and every single human has responsibility to safeguard our Environment and maintain secure custody in Environ. As deterioration or spoilage of Environ will create illnesses , with that Believers may feel sick but it’s mentioned in the HADITH ,
“” Almighty loves healthy Believer than other , if both perform same Rituals”””
The teachings of Islam can’t rely only upto the protection or conservation but it teaches us about sustainable and healthy behaviour also. Our Religion history is witness about the inspiration lessons and teachings governed by our Beloved Prophet s a w about planting trees and cultivation of agriculture in quite exacerbate manner . It has been narrated by , Anas bin Malik (RA) that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: “There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him.”? (Bukhari). So planting trees judiciously by protection & proliferating environment is in the commendable teachings of our Religion , so we should Follow and turn them into Actions Verily.
After coming to main content of this message , as man is using the environment assets and resources for his benefit and prosperity but he man distants more wastes and unfortunately puts them into Environ , Which really spoils Environ n Surroundings , then crops diseases and disorders balance . However its naxoius and baneful repercussions are everybody savvy but Our religion has stressed it more and intensified importance by making less wastes , As mentioned in our Divine book ,
O children of Adam!.. eat and drink: but waste not by excess ,for Allah loves not the wasters … Surrah 7:31  so you have been given every right to eat and drink but have been prohibited in excess of wastes , however our assets may contain wastes but you have to either dump them in such so that least waste may be founded on earth and so will be cleanse of surrounding.
However their has been given lessons and chapters in the academic syllabus , we should follow them but getting divine teachings from our own Divine book means we have to follow it strictly and it’s mandatory obligation and Right ,so letting it will turn us sinful ,so protect ourself from sins do follow .
While turning towards the next side of this topic I; about deforestation or judicious cutting of tress , our religion makes its more strict by narrating ,Islam is against the cutting or destruction of plants and trees unnecessarily as is evident in the following Hadith: Abdullah ibn Habashi reported that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “He who cuts a lote-tree [without justification], Allah will send him to Hellfire.” (Abu Dawud). The lote-tree grows in the desert and is very much needed in an area which has scarce vegetation. The devastation caused by deforestation in many countries causes soil erosion and kills many of the biodiversity of the earth. So while erasing any tree or cutting tree , we should Think keenly and if necessary then we make a plan for nipping . This cutting should be the last option , our priority should be on protection. The effects of these deteriorations are very much known to every mind , so our Conscious should activate more while getting reference from our Religion and so it becomes mandatory and obligation .
Now coming towards most important part of Article ,that use of resources or natural assets . These things have been used by our Prophet’s but in a very controlled and smooth manner , by taking consideration of our future generation and distribution of Environ. So we should follow the same trend and acquaint same boons and Run a smooth life. In this matter our forth Khaleefah has rightly and verily narrated , ; “Partake of it gladly so long as you are the benefactor, not a despoiler; a cultivator, not a destroyer. All human beings as well as animals and wildlife enjoy the right to share Earth’s resources. Man’s abuse of any resource is prohibited as the juristic principle says ‘What leads to the prohibited is itself prohibited”.
Also now a days we are witnessing everywhere the news of pollution and then it’s baneful effects , however many are taking it consideration and our Religion has mentioned it before centuries , When Abu Musa (RA) was sent to Al-Basrah as the new governor, he addressed the people saying: “I was sent to you by ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA) in order to teach you the Book of your Lord [i.e. the Qur’an], the Sunnah [of your Prophet], and to clean your streets.” Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) forbade that a person relieve himself in a water source or on a path or in a place of shade or in the burrow of a leaving creature.  These values highlight Islam’s stress on avoiding pollution of critical resources and importance of cleanliness.
So it’s our obligation to follow pollution controlling measures and safe our Environ from illness n noxious effects. .
By awaring people or public above all these things mentioned has many means, as presently we have a Solid and most used platform , Social Media , make it as means of awareness by posts , articles , posters ,videos etc and then turn those into actions either within our own community circle or in schools , colleges , universities and public places . So that many faces will peer and will get fruitful. Also start compigns for plantation drive and make a public account for that so people will denote into that account and then those will be used for replantation or plantation at working places , which will let you healthy inside out.
According to Hazrat Jabir (RA) reported that Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W] said: “No Muslim, who plants a shoot, except that whatever is eaten or stolen from it, or anyone obtains the least thing from it, is considered [like paying] alms giving on his behalf until the Day of Judgement.” (Muslim)
Environmental protection and awareness is integral and basic premise of Religious belief . We should utilize assets of nature in a sustainable and healthy way to ensure bounties of Almighty will remain inevitable. The principle of conservation is beautifully illustrated by the rule which says that while making ablutions (wudu) we should be abstemious in the use of water even if we have a river at our disposal.
Almighty has created man for the purpose of keeping and garnering the assets of Environ, so we all should remain steadfast on that very objective and mind the teaching of Beloved Prophet s a w teaching in a Very careful way , by Maintaining Environ healthy and wise …!