Islamic English Medium School Rahmoo,Pulwama Initiates “Teachers Appreciation Award”,

First of its kind in J&K to encourage teachers

Pulwama: : Islamic English Medium School,Ramhoo Pulwama initiated a programme to encourage the teachers who burn mid night oil to nurture the talent of students and make their future bright.
As per the data recieved by weekly based newspaper states that “We should encourage the teachers!! We give every teacher an award of appreciation at IEMS, because teacher is backbone of an institution!! Real Shaheens!! Let us build a better world and spread happiness!! Let us impart real education!!
Let us uplift teachers,students and parents morally, ethically and academically!!
Raashid Ul Nabi Khan is a Law Graduate also holds Masters in Political Science along with B.Ed.
Raashid Ul Nabi Khan, a teacher from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district has been honoured with Best Teacher Award 2020 by Institute of Scholars, Bangalore Karnataka.The award was given to him in recognition for his contribution as an excellent academician and a school teacher.
Raashid while speaking with Kashmir canvas said that”Being a teacher,I know my own development is crucial to be a role model for my students,and I need to keep learning,improve,change,and get inspired to keep the teaching quality and desire high.”, he said.I show and shares with the children that I keep studying and learning.I am a teacher,but always a student too.” He said,
Raashid,is also a cordial member of various reputed organizations including — Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat Srinagar , JKIFTS COUNCIL OF WRITERS– writing exclusively on Islamic topics to various banners. He is also a member of Islamic Fraternity of Kashmir.
He is also recipient of “Young Scholar Award” and a recipient of ‘Best Teacher Award 2020’.JKIFTS awards Raashid Ul Nabi Khan,a Kashmiri Daee with “Young Scholar Award”
Jammu and Kashmir Innovative Foundation for Transforming Society(JKIFTS) awarded Raashid Ul Nabi Khan,a Kashmiri Daee with prestigious “Young Scholar Award”.
Hailing from Drussu village of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, Raashid Ul Nabi Khan is a law graduate,besides holds a masters degree in political sciences along with bachelor’s diploma in Education.He is a passionate Teacher,Writer and Daee of Islam.
“As a Daee of Islam my research on Kashmiri Society and its social evils had made me realise that I must play an active part in mitigating the crisis. The very idea motivated me to do Dawah especially through Facebook and other social media platforms. I believe that social media is a good Dawah tool in today’s technology – enriched world, which must be used by all those who have authentic and good knowledge of Islam,as preaching Dawah needs to be authentic and enthusiastic.The basic objective is to inculcate education with Islamic integration and impart skills among people of the world.” Raashid told Inside Kashmir,
He is the author of an upcoming book titled “Social Media: A Powerful Platform For Dawah”. He is a recipient of the Best Teacher Award 2020 from the Institute of Scholars Banglore,India in recognition of his valuable contribution to the academic community and students as a teacher. Besides, he has attended and is being invited to many international conferences. He is actively associated with multiple organizations/institutions including –Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat Srinagar, JKIFTS and Islamic Fraternity of Kashmir.
“Being teacher is just great and our community needs more passionate and dedicated teachers. The community needs love, compassion and inspiration through teachers” he further added.
Pertinently,a day long programme was organised by Islamic English Medium School Rahmoo,Pulwama to appreciate the teachers which is first of its kind in J&K to encourage teachers.