By J S Amir

Jaisu is a young fashion and fitness model from Kashmir. His real name is Jasim Muzamil and was born on 14 august 2006. He belongs to middle a class family from Srinagar Kashmir. He is a student of 9th class and Jaisu is his nick name. He had a great interest in acting from very beginning.
His favourite hobbies include dancing, acting, photoshoot. He got inspiration from Danish Zahen. Nearly 40k people are following him on TikTok. He has got a good support from public on TikTok. And right now, he has 3200 followers on Instagram.
Besides modelling, he is also a video creator and youtuber. Jaisu is the first kalari champion from Kashmir. His main content includes fashion and fitness. He also earns from fashion shoots, he works with an outfit and earns there for photoshoot.
He has keen interest in acting and has also joined acting school. He was selected in celebrity face auditions.

In a message to young fashion models, Jaisu said “Only money and expensive clothes can’t make you a fashion model, it needs hard work and fashion mind”
In a message to public, he said “people should support the young artists and besides those who are involved in drugs addiction etc. He appealed to those youngesters who are involved in drug addiction to get rid of this poison and focus on their goals in life.He further added, govt Jobs are not the only way to earn, there are many other right ways also.”
His aim is to become a social media star and best actor.

J.S AMIR is a student of BA Honors Political Science at DAV College Amritsar
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