Kashmir Police held function at oldest Police station villgam in Kashmir history Police Station had it’s longest history Since 1931

Pirzada Abdul Rashid

Kupwara, May, 21, :Police Station held Police davas program at villgam Police Station, Tehsil villgam ramhall North District Kupwara, under the chairmanship of SP Handwara Sheema Nabi. The program was organized by Iftikhar Ahmed, SHO, villgam Police Station.

There was a police outpost while Baramulla district was a mullah which was popularly known as Uttar Machhipura district in Revenuecard. Was controlled and at that time police officers from pok occupied Kashmir Muzaffarabad used to come to the said police station on horseback as roads and transport were not available at that time. The first priority is the police station The first police station was celebrated in the same police station. While SHO Iftikhar Ahmed has the privilege of being the police chief of the said police station while DSP Saeed Faraz is performing his duties as SDPO of the said police station. However, BDC members of Ramhall area Muhammad Yaseen Sheikh villgam and Azad Ahmed Mir BDC member Tarthapora besides participating personalities from the area also participated in the police station program. Apart from Ghulam Hassan Wani, Advocate Azad Ahmed Parwaz, Panchs and Panchs of both the Tehsils and local people also participated. During the program, many people appreciated the performance of the police, while many people presented arguments on the problems of stagnant water and dilapidated roads, while during the program, many effective suggestions were made to save children from drugs. Police-wise to eradicate the drug menace Aawan was emphasized.

Meanwhile, the SP was informed that there should be a medical center for the prevention of drug addiction among the youth in which medical aid could be provided for the admission and rehabilitation of the youth. However, after addressing all the issues, the SP assured the people that they are with the people in distress and will always work hard and diligently for the development of the area. She said that the entire police department is with the people. And insha’Allah the drug epidemic will be brought under complete control in the near future.

Meanwhile, she said that parents should keep an eye on their children at all times to see who they are talking to when they use phone and regarding social networks. What kind of activities do they spend their time in to save the children from being harmed? Finally, the people of Ramhall area thanked SP and said that they are hopeful that We will always work diligently for the construction and development of the backward area.