Knowledge without character is Dangerous !

Ek muktab isa khola jaye shahar mai Naser
Jahan adami ko insan bania jayie

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

Have you ever noticed that someone blind staring at females or watching absurd dance to a vain song? Is any dumb person lying , backbiting or insulting someone by uttering abusive words?
Someone who has no hands is busy in chatting with females day and night on social media?No!
It is blessed humanbeings who use all the blessings of Allah in disobedience to Him.these are those blessed individuals who have knowledge with out character which can be dangerous .Knowledge without character is not only worthless but can also prove to be dangerous for the individual,society, country and the humanity as a whole.Every individual acquires knowledge over the time through formal and informal education .one wangles formal education from schools and informal education through family , friends and social empowers an individual which enables him to take sagacious decesion in life . Every individual is blessed with some unique talent and is a bundle of untapped potential.This is why Education has an important role which helps an individual to make the best use of his talent and proficiency.Education cannot be restricted to an individual’s personal growth.He may inspire others to learn and act as a role model for many groups .society’s progress can be measured with respect to quantity of educated individuals of society.The knowledge and expertise gained by the person during the course of his Education must be used for the benefits of others and society .An educated person with strong moral values is an individual asset to the society and nation.The moral values lay down the foundation of a strong character .A person with poor moral values may attain his short term goals easily but it will be difficult for him to accomplish his long term goals.The technology has taken the Education to the next level .The students are taught by specialised teachers and trainers in the smart and online classes have become an important component of the curriculum.But it is highly disappointing that amidst all these ,the moral values and the virtues have taken a back seat.Present generation has failed to understand the importance of character building.The failure of education to catechize values and lack of character is increasingly apparent from the rising crime and violence in the society.
There is an increase in the disrespect for the authorities and violence among the school going children and teenagers.The children are indulging in early sexual activities ,self destructive and addictive behaviour.The rate of henious crimes such as physical and sexual assault among the children and teenagers is tabulating.The media,peer groups and the internet have an impact on the development and learning of the child .using knowledge in the negative direction is a waste of ones talent and capabilities .This is what is happening with today’s generation.The moral values and the virtues of a society play an important role in the character building of the individual .Over the time ,there has been a gradual abatement in these values .we must remember that the character development and education need to go hand in hand. character building must be an important aspect of education .it is important to teach the children moral and ethical values .these moral values help them to succeed in the long run.
The animus of education should be to enroot a child’s instincts in manner that he is naturally inclined to do what is morally right .Bescides the teachers and parents ,the society needs to be an active partner in the character building efforts.Character development and education should go hand in hand. Effective education must include curriculum that teaches the students respect for moral and ethical values and helps them to succeed .The education should strive to develop students intrinsic motivation and commitment to do what is right.All school staff- teachers, administrators counsellers ,coaches,cafeteria workers, playground aides , and bus drivers must be involved in learning about discussing and sharing albatross for character Education . Parents and community members should be full partners in the character building effort. Effective education must include an effort to assess progress in the direction of character building. Knowledge with out character is not only worthless but can also prove to be dangerous for the individual , Society, country and the humanity as a whole.
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