Life is a limited chance, let’s give something to the world: Fazil Zahoor

Fazil Zahoor, 17, from Shimmer Noorabad village in Kulgam district, has written two books so far – “The Real Truth & Quiet Soul”. For ‘The Real Truth, he won the Asian Education Award as a Young Writer of the year 2021.
And for ‘Quiet Soul’, he won “Forever Star Book of World Record Holder” award.
Zahoor is working as a Public Relations Officer of Helping Hands Charitable Foundation Trust since 2021.
The theme of his poetry include leadership, regrets of life, a race of life and barriers to success.
In this interview with author Shagufta Hassan, Zahoor speaks about his growing up years, his biography, inspiration, motivation and the struggles. He believes that life is a limited chance but if we are conscious towards fate and future, then we can give something to this world that would remain forever.

Tell me about yourself?
I am Fazil Zahoor from Shimmer, kulgam. I have completed my X standard in 2020. I am PRO head of Helping Hands Charitable Foundation ( HHCF ) Kulgam. I am pursuing my XI standard in medical Science at kulgam. I am the author of two books ” THE REAL TRUTH & QUITE a SOUL ”. For TRT I won an international award ‘ Asian Education Awards ‘ ( AEA/2021 ). Moreover, I have Co-Authored 80+ books of which 16 books were published at an international level and the rest at the national level. I won 230 contests in 1 year. Also, I am compiling an anthology” THE SHODDY WORLD “.

When did you start your writing?
Well, the journey of life is unstoppable in every knowing aspect. In different stages of developing life, we focus on how to change the conditions of life, and we put efforts for owning the peak of success accordingly.
The journey of my life originates from the hub of Islamic and science pearls namely ( JAMIA SIRAJ UL ULOOM) Imamsahib Shopian. Properly, I started writing in 2019 at the age of 13th. And I will remember this always that, the most exhilarating experience of my life was a journey into the writing world.

What compelled you to write?
I was raised in a family of educators. Reading and writing were as natural to me growing up as sports were too many of my friends.
When I got admission to JSU, I was alone in the whole world. During that time, I was read to constantly—every kind of book you can imagine for a 10-year old boy. Family, friends, and even people I’d never met would sit with me, or call by phone, and read. Sometimes the readers were discussing the journeys of the Author’s and sometimes on the scripts. All praises and prayers go to the support and encouragement given by everyone especially the best thanks for the Library of JSU.

What are the closest things upon which you write?
I haven’t specific vision upon I hold my pen. But maintaining the confidential view I mostly write on the social issues, self-thoughts, ideas of imagination also on the blossoms of Islam.

What motivates you to read?
Well, for me motivation is an art of appearance. Through which the things come true and easy because motivation is a proven ability in a thing which we want to do. Being knowing the facts and making the soul able in every aspect the things which kept me back, that things and issues motivate me to read!

What kind of messages do you convey through your writing?
Ok, behind every script which I pen down, there is an informative moral which brings awareness to society. In most of the articles, I share my opinions on Women’s empowerment, self-esteem and almost all views on social issues. I always want to figure out the soul from unawareness into the transparent belief.

How do you feel when you write?
To write something in well-respected means is not easy, writing is an envelope of hidden secrets.
I always motivate my soul by my writing, and I believe in the words that at any point I am achieving particularity from rest. I figure out my thoughts from the imagination to the appearance, so that everyone can mean and deal with day to day life. And writing something gives me a smile of happiness and I will continue it till my last day.

Do you think writing makes us innovative?
I got my first newspaper Kashmir Rays when I was 17 and, from that moment, everything just flowed into a life of writing.
Well, this is the case of my initial journey that writing makes us innovative, yes. When I was young I mean innocent in knowing the perfections and rejections. The seniors of subjects make us innovative while sharing new idea’s, new experiences, new handles of digitalization. The same is here, as writers inform us of new purposes of daily living. I agree with this as my beginning makes me a proud owner, it’s only by my writing skills.
Writing needs thoughts and experience, it doesn’t depend on the genre. But it’s an artistic expression which forms to choose from. I mostly prefer poetry because I can decorate the stanza with my views. I think so.

Does your family support you in this field?
Proudly, my parents and my family are the backbones of my strength and courage. They encourage my life at every step and try to make me the best, they put effort when there is a need for support. They show me the differentiation between real and wrong and lift me to achieve the peak. All these deeds and prayers of my care’s make me able to word with myself that I will never end the units of the spar. I wish the parent’s aid will always be with me.

What does the title “quite Soul” mean?
Well, that’s an explanation of my strange life. A quiet soul is a collection of memories from darkness to the blooming phases of life. The motives and ways, which I faced in my innovative life.

Can you tell me about the book?
“Quite a Soul” is a collection of feelings that are faced in different phases of life by the author.
Every content of this Book is a reality that happened with the author during the crucial hours of life.
The way of writing this book conflicts the author with his soul so that he could figure out the barriers of expression. Every chapter of this Book is a real happening that the author gives a paper look.
This book is a mixture of both poem and prose, in which the author explained the moments of his life and happenings that happened with him.
The title of the book is a contraction of every notion which depicts a beam of real appearance in this book.
Quite a soul is not only a paper looking book, but it’s a memory of the author which he used to light up with strange fate.

What inspired you to write this book?
As you know that I am a writer by profession. But in writing the Quiet soul book there is a direct means of emotions which I faced time by time. I wish that my emotions could get a look on paper and did it. On another side, my inspirations are only the ways where I grew up that are my Care’s.

What advice do you have for writers?
Thanks for everything, honestly I am not much able for advising the inspiring writers and powerful youth. But we should keep this in our every sense that life isn’t a means of joy and entertainment but it’s a game of puzzles where we have to prove the best and best. Being a hard worker is easy for everyone but playing the events of life is tough as much as living life without essentials. Every being is blessed with a hidden art, and this art will wake up when we step into the world of competition. I wish we all should lift the most impressive things with different shapes and tales so that life will spread the perfumes of hardworking.
“It was a pleasure meeting you. I appreciate your time today. Thanks for a great conversation hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”
Shagufta Hassan
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