Meet Aamina Hamid, A budding writer of Kashmir

Mushtaq Bhat

Srinagar, Mar, 06, : Aamina Hamid, a bachelor’s student, hailing from Lasjan Srinagar is a young budding writer of the valley, whose two English poetic collections have been published by Amazon Kindle Publishing and Notion Press Chennai.

Currently pursuing bachelor’s degree in English literature from Amar Singh College Srinagar, Aamina developed passion for writing during her higher secondary school days.
“I came to know about my skill when I was studying in class 12th. I started to write poems just as an escape,” says Amina
Ever since she started writing po It was only after writing nearly 50 poems that she informed her family about her passion.
“When I wrote about 40-50 poems, I told my father about it. He pushed me to publish them. First I thought they wouldn’t get published because those were my own feelings, but then my father motivated me to do so.
“It is only because of my father that today I’m an author of the two poetic books. He pushed me and boosted me to do it,” she added.
Her first book, ‘The Aura of an Unsteady Hope’ is a collection of poems which signifies the ‘teenage’ phase of life, which was published by Notion Press Chennai in 2017.
“My second book ‘The Masquerade’ was published last year in 2020 by Amazon Kindle Publishing. This book aims to unravel the mysteries of emotions that seem to make or break the very foundation of our happiness,” says Aamina Hamid.
After completing her studies Aamina wants to work in a publishing house where she would get to read the manuscripts of the other writers. She also wants to become a poetess in the near future.