Meet Bushra Nida: A 16-year-old girl who publishes her third book on Einstein’s E= mc²

By Mushtaq Bhat

Kulgam, Jan, 31 : It is a first poetry book on the equation’.
A girl from South Kashmir’s Kulgam district has published her third book on Albert Einstein’s Equation E=mc².
Bushra Nida (16) a resident of Kanipora hamlet in Kulgam district who is a 12th class student has written the book in a poetic manner.

Bushra who prefers to write on science topics said that E=mc² is her third publication and the equation could be understood well in simple words.
“I painted the theory of relativity through a canvas of pen and paper and I have framed Einstein’s life and his famous equation in beautiful verses”, she said.
“I have tried to explain how the sun and other stars in the universe works and how matter can become energy and vice-versa, radioactivity, radiocarbon phenomenon, CT scans, PET technique (Positron emission topography scans), telecommunications and how E=mc² makes the technique possible, black holes, Big Bang theory abs many more Important implications’ associated with it, “she said.
Bushra said she has illustrated the mutual interdependence of religion and science in which she has quoted, how Vedas, Quran and Bible support this equation.
“Besides that I have done comparative research on the holy books and then jot this book
Accordingly,” she said.
“The book can prove very helpful for students as beautifully written verses embedded with the equation E=mc² can stay longer in their minds,” she said.
Bushra said she dedicates the book to her late father.
“It’s the first poetry book in the world on this equation and has been already verified by the Google, she claimed.
“My first book Tulips of feeling got registered in India Book of Records as a soulful poem by teenager and my second book The Davy, ist poetry book on the periodic table, has got registered under Golden Book of World Records and Asia Book of Records,” Bushra said.
“A world famous writer namely M R Pandey with six world records has also written my biography under title Siraj-e-Kashmir,” she said.
“I prefer to write on science topics and write to discover what I know. I am very ambitious about my contribution to scientific knowledge and I believe that either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,” Bushra said.
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