Meet Samia Jammal: A sprouting author, anchor who published her first anthology

Mushtaq Bhat

Pulwama, Mar, 20 : A young lady from South Kashmir known for her writing has published her first anthology “Wolf and The Moon” recently.
Saima Jammal, a resident of Ratnipora Pulwama who has done her Masters in English Literature and Masters in Education from Kashmir University is known for her poetic vision and sprouting anchoring.
While talking with KC, Saima said that she immersed herself in writing when she was very young. Saima mostly writes English poetry but also pens down her poetry in Urdu and mother tongue Kashmiri as well.
Saima is keen to talk and write about the pragmatic facets of the human face in her articles besides as an anchor she has successfully hosted a series of literary events in various parts of the valley.
Her first edition of poems titled “Wolf and The Moon” which shoots forth the key emotions involved in the fervid feeling “Love”.
Saima said that the book is a practical, mysterious, gothic and emotional reflection of vehement emotions like love, romance, happiness, separation and pain that collectively constitute “love a longing as a whole.”
After receiving positive feedback on her first book, Saima is now working on more books besides she has co-authored many books and is an active member of the literary organization Sparks Creativity.
“My writings mostly carry forth the message revealed by real-life experiences, that of spreading love instead of hatred, losing by heart when it comes to evil and alike life-lessons,” she said.