Meet young Multi-talented ( sketch artist, calligrapher,
martial art) sajad ahmad hailing from Bandipora Village

By Aadil Abdullah

 Bandipora, Feb, 05, : Sajjad Ahmad Dar Hailing from Anderkoot village of  Sumbal town in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district Sajjad is a sketcher, calligrapher and martial art player, he loves to do paintings also.

Sajjad Ahmad Dar 20 years old, sajad son of Nazir Ahmad Dar, from Anderkoot village in sumabla sonawari, Sajjad a BSC student, is also a sketch and calligraphy artist. He started his career when he was in 8th class, then he started making sketches.
While talking with Kashmir Canvas  Correspondent Sajjad said: I was good at drawing since from my  childhood, people give to me their notebooks  to make diagrams, I was popular for making clean clear diagrams even till now everyone wants me to help them with projects and art related things, Alhumdullaah Allah has gifted me this thing.
Sajjad also said “I belongs to a labour family and overcoming daily challenges was not easy for me as there was no other source of income and support”.
He further said, Due to the poor condition of my family, “I studied in a government school from the beginning till today’
In addition,Sajjad is a Martial art player and he has been awarded by many associations and organisations, he recently won the famous Wucho Open Championship Kashmir in martial art.
Sajjad said, “My mother has always supported me, whether in my studies or in my work.”
He sent a message to the youth of Kashmir that if you want to move forward in your life, do not hide your talents, if you show your talents, you will achieve your goal.
He Added” i do commissioned work from a while and hope people would love my work. I’ve many ideas and Insha Allah I’ll work on it . Just need a good push and support from people.