From the broken strings

I compose lyrics of thy song

And from the sullen vales

Of thy art do I endure

struggle  through the doorsteps

Of  another world of praises

And ruin down my history 

For the tales of a common man.
I was neither heavy to poke

At the realms of life

Nor do I sign to make wonders

For wonders are miracles of

DivineAnd Divine is a miracle

HimselfTo confirm the merits of being one.

All those doubts shall pass beyond

And shall mark a hermit’s word

Written like fables of a gloomy life

And all those objects shall succumb

And fall prey to the ultimate reality,

From one lonely person shall I rise

Like a scary poet of my eraIn the dark secrets of a troublesome life

Only to incarcerate our unborn tale.

Sahil Mudasir hails from Melahura Shopian, J& K.He is the author of ‘ The Shadows’ and ‘ Secrets of an occupied heart’.