Mohsin Bilal Shah A
Constructive User of AFK Insta Page

By Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

The present era was known as era of mass media, man always seeks to convey his message and abilities to people through various means of communication to strength his emotions, feelings, thoughts, his own particular style, tact, intellectual endeavours, God given abilities, and various means of transmission to strength his individuality in the society and this is a natural process and the person who strives to make People aware of the work of such skilled people he is no less than a leader
Nowadays there are many sources of communication to introduce the work of skilled people to us on social networking websites in which instagram is very popular you will also find lot of pages on instagram that reinforce the work of artists, commonly known as Insta Pages. But there are very few pages that are successful because they have worked hard to make these pages fruitful and different one such promising figure is Mohsin Bilal Shah a 23 year old young energetic guy hailing from Safa Kadal area of district Srinagar, A young man who returned from Mumbai Nasik after completing his graduation in Hotel Management.

During an interview Mohsin said that he had started Social networking Instagram  page from 2015 and his page “Adorable Faces of Kashmir” (AFK) was reaching the heights where he promotes the valuable art and artists of our Valley like singers, writers, models, calligraphers,  etc. It all started with bolstering modelling artists from valley and was hold up by artist like Sania Mir, Rounak, Simran and from many noticeable person with national influence. The AFK page also help needy people after Proper investigation Mr Mohsin Share their problems and account details with the members of AFK group and   request subscribes for financial assistance.
The AFK group has now reached 42.3K it’s a good figure but for Mohsin, numbers Hardly matters, according to Shah my aim is to bring smile on the faces of artists especially Kashmir’s By sharing stories of adorable faces of Kashmir shah is inviting the youth to shun the violence and work for the peace and progress of their families he uses his page as a vehicle to spread the ideas of love justice kindness, happiness, peace, confidence and modernity among the people around, his principle is ‘to act locally but think globally. He particularly wants the youth of Kashmir to study hard and build their health to the maximum limit possible. He has written somewhere that “Trust in religion, Benefit in business, Health in life, Physical pleasure in love affairs, frankness in friendship, hard work in studies and patience in married life are the very basic rules. Ignoring them will definitely play havoc with anyone’s life
Shah received great support from his family amicably. I Wish The AFK family best of luck for bright future Hope the page represent the true image of Kashmir in the true sense.

Columnist is Working as Edp Head in DD Target PMT Parraypora. He is a permanent writer for Kashmir Canvas and can be reached at