A Man By The Name Of Michael Hart “He Said: And Who Was Michael Hart? Michael Hart Was
A Contemporary Historian And A Mathematician. Michael Hart gathered Other Historians and Biographers Together to Compile a List Of 100 Most Profound Human Beings In History. To make The Long Story Short, They Made a Category, They set up 32 Different Categories By which to Compare And Produce These 100 Great profound Human Beings. And In That List Our Beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) Was At The Top And No one Could
Or Can Ever Dispute It. Now, What Did Michael Hart Say, He Said: “I Would Have Chosen and i
Would have Liked to Choose Jesus (Peace be upon Him) because I’m A Christian But Honestly I
Could Not Choose Him Because Jesus Christ(PBUH) was Not A Father But MUHAMMAD
(Peace Be Upon Him) was, Jesus Christ(Peace Be Upon Him) was Not A husband But
MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) Was, Jesus (Peace be Upon Him) Was Not A Statesman
But Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Was, Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) Was Not A Warrior
MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) was And Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) Was Not A Ruler But MUHAMMAD(Peace Be Upon Him Was”. And So Michael Hart And His Other
Collaborators Said: The Greatest Human Being That Has Impacted History And All Annals of
Documented History, It Had to Be MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him). And That Statement We
Could Find In The Archives Of The Time Magazine Of The New York Times The Evidence Is
Right There. But Let Me Mention What Others Have Said About Our Beloved Prophet
MUHAMMAD(Peace Be Upon Him)

George Bernard Shaw Said: “If A Man Like MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) Were To Assume The Ruler ship And Dictatorship Of The Modern World, He Would Succeed In Solving Its Problems That would Bring It Much Needed Peace And Happiness”.

Cassel’s Weekly Said: In Little More Than A Year He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was Actually The
Spiritual, Nominal And Temporal Ruler of Madinah, With His(Peace Be Upon Him) Hands On The
Lever That Was To Shake The World
~John Austin
(“Muhammad The Prophet Of ALLAAH”)
Cassel’s weekly

Speaking on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Gandhiji had said, “From my reading I received the impression that the Prophet was a seeker of Truth. He was god fearing.

Billions Of Muslims All Over The World Throughout The Last 1400 Years Have Accepted The Teaching Of MUHAMMAD (peace Be Upon Him), an Illeterate Orphan Brought up in The Harsh desert Climate Of Arabia, Transformed a Backward Society Into A Great Civilization. He Was The Only Leader Who Realized his Vision In His Own Life. He Was Born In Makkah, He Was
Raised In Makkah, He Was Driven Out Of Makkah. He (Peace Be Upon Him) was Persecuted,
His Followers Were Killed, He Had To Flee But ALLAAH Allowed Him To Come Back 23 Years
Later As A Victor, As A Conqueror And When He (Peace Be Upon Him) Came Back He Gave
Everyone Amnesty And After That Our Beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him)
Spread The Message, He (Peace Be Upon Him) Spread ISLAM Throughout The Peninsula Of
Arabia so That Islam Became Established As A State, As A government. He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was The Ruler But He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was Still Eating And Dressing And Drinking
The Same Way That He(Peace Be Upon Him) Was Doing As He Was Born And As He Grew
Up.The Messenger Of ALLAAH (Peace Be Upon Him) Was Just And He Was Fair. He Didn’t
Give To His Family, He Didn’t Distribute To His Friends, And Didn’t Make Judgements For
Those Who He Liked And Made Judgements Against Those who He Didn’t Like. His (Peace be
Upon him) Message Was To Call Humanity To The Worshipping Of The Creator And To
Destroy All Kinds Of Injustice In The Earth And To Establish a Character , A Paradigm Of
Human Conduct For Human Beings To Follow. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Never In His
Life Did He Ever Lift His Hand To Hit Any Human Being Ever, Not A Servant, Not A Wife, Not A
Son, Not A Daughter, Not A Child Not A Friend Nor An Enemy. Except When That Enemy Was
Opposing ALLAAH And Opposing The Message. His (Peace Be Upon Him) Eyes Were Down
Cast, He Was Speaking Softly And He Was Gently, He Was Warm And He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was Sacred, And Caring And Soft. He (Peace Be Upon him) Was Feeding The Poor, visiting The Sick, Helping The People, Talking To The People, Addressing the Women, Acting As A statesman, Discharging The Army, Sewing His Clothes, Instructing The People In
Behaviour, Cleaning his House, Shopping For The Food, Doing All The Things That You And I
Do, And At Night For The Prayer For 4 or 5 Hours At a Time. What Kind Of Human Being Could
That be? He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was A Prophet, He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was A
Messenger He (Peace Be Upon Him) was A Man With A Message, He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was A Mercy to The World. He (Peace Be Upon Him) Was, Is And Always Will Be The Best One To Follow. He (Peace Be Upon Him Was Victorious Over All Systems.

To The Non Muslim I Say Read About MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) If You Dare, If
You’re Not Afraid Of Change. If You Read About MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) With An
Open Mind And An Open Heart There’s a Chance That Love For Him And Respect For Him Will
Come Into Your Life, Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Home And You Also May Want To Be A
Follower Of Him (Peace Be Upon Him)

O Muslims And Non-Muslims There’s Not A person In Whole of History That Can Compare With
MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him). He (Peace Be Upon Him) Brought This World Out Of The Darkness That It Had Sunk Into. And So We Invite You To Embrace, To Understand And To Respect That Man MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) And His Message.