Muslim properties & assets were misused by the community representatives & politicians for more than six decades in the country: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

Geo-mapping & digitization of Waqf records exposed the nexus between grabbers, encroachers & politicians: CWC

Mumbai, August 5: Chairperson of Waqf Development Committee of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs Dr Darakhshan Andrabi spoke to the media at Mumbai today after inspecting various shrines, mosques, institutions and offices in Aurangabad and Mumbai for two days. She was accompanied by Central Waqf Committee members Waseem R Khan & Haneef Ali. At Mumbai CWC team visited Pankheshah Baba shrine, Unjuman-e-itihad-e-Taraqi-e-Madina Jamia Complex, Noorani Masjid, Madrasa-e-Taleem-ul-Islam, Jamia Masjid Ahl-e-Hadith & Chaudhary State Dargah Complex and other associated offices. The team also met many public delegations who submitted their memorandums. Later Dr Darakhshan Andrabi spoke to media regarding Muslim assets and properties. Without mincing words, Dr Andrabi said that Muslim properties and assets were misused by the community representatives & politicians for more than six decades throughout the country and more than ten percent of the assets of Waqf have already disappeared while as other about twenty percent of the assets are encroached or grabbed either by community representatives or the ruling class politicians of the past. “Valued properties have been grabbed and sold-out or leased out for personal or political benefits throughout the country. The Ministry of Minority Affairs started geo-mapping of assets, properties and digitization of records around two years ago and these frauds came to light. The Ministry on the recommendation of Central Waqf Council has ordered massive legal action against the frauds and many FIRs have been lodged and many legal suits filed to retrieve the properties,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. Dr Andrabi took a dig at the politicians and the political groups who have been projecting themselves as the messiah of Muslim community saying that they had stabbed the community in the back while posing to be the protector of their rights. Dr Darakhshan said that she was shocked to hear that many ruling party leaders allowed the Waqf assets to be grabbed by the crime-lords in the seventies and eighties for their political benefits. In reply to a question about the amendments in the Waqf Acts, Dr Andrabi said that the management of our properties and shrines is in shambles and personally she was not satisfied with the present Waqf Law. “The present Waqf Law needs many changes and amendments to make it more transparent and effective while dealing with the issues of protection and security of the assets and their systematic and scientific management. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs has taken up the issue of encroachment & grabbing very seriously and has already started working on the plan to retrieve every inch of the community property. “On the directions of the Prime Minister, the Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has instructed every state government to take immediate actions in this connection. We solicit the co-operation of all state & UT governments in this pious initiative and resolve,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi.