*“Drug-menace has paralysed our young generation,” said BJP Spokesperson*

Srinagar : Bharatiya Janata Party Spokesperson & Chairperson of Waqf Development Committee of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi has expressed her pleasure on the initiatives of J&K Police to fight the illicit Narco-trade in J&K. She has requested the government to devise and enforce a multi-pronged strategy to fight this well-devised ploy framed and operated to destabilise the social fabric of J&K.
“Narco-war is not new in Kashmir. The illegal trafficking of drugs started in 1990 itself. From across the border, this menace penetrated into our society. Now an alarming number of youth are drug-addicts here in J&K. The society has not resisted this onslaught and now we all are paying huge prices,” said Dr Darakhshan.
She said that she wanted all ‘banner-holders’ in Kashmir to open their lips on the deadly ‘Narco-Virus’ which has paralysed our young generation here. “Covering the facts has now created a blasting situation. The Rights activists, civil society megaphones are silent. They all have failed in playing their role in raising their voices against the imposed drug-threat to our society,” said BJP Spokesperson.  
She said that for decades, we allowed free cultivation of Poppy in many parts of Kashmir for the drug-use of the crop. “This illegal cultivation had political support from the political rulers of J&K and the separatists too. Now we are reaping the fruits of disaster,” said Dr Andrabi.
She said that the Narco-Virus was as deadly as the Covid. “It is a silent killer. Increased heart attacks among youth are related by medicos to this drug-menace.  This menace has paralysed our young generation. I appeal to the government to chalk out a plan to hammer the epicentres of the Narco-trade in J&K and I also appeal to the well-meaning influential social entities to extend their help in the war against the Narco-trade in the Union Territory,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi