The youth in the Valley are being exposed to drugs with no apparent major reduction. United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) reported that around 70,000 people are drug addicts in Kashmir valley, among which 4000 are females. Further studies have unmasked that youth, particularly between the age group of 17-30, are addicted to drugs. To choose such a path, youngsters could mostly have faced a psychiatric breakdown or psychological trauma. Psychiatric problems, majorly depression, if not recognized at the earliest might lead to drug abuse.

According to the doctors at a government de-addiction centre in Srinagar,
“From 15% of heroin abuse recorded in 2016, the percentage has now gone up to 90%”

Our teens are turning towards a pill or a bottle instead of their close ones whenever they face either a major or even minor stress which is extremely saddening. Drugs are being taken simply for looking cool and to be accepted among peers and for showing off, And it is a serious Matter which can’t be ignored. Furthermore what’s sad is the fact that apparently this terrible evil can’t be dealt with as quick and effectively as it may have been before a year or two and for this we all are to Blame either directly or indirectly.
But As much as we want We can’t solve a problem Just by speaking of it. We have to put in our efforts and time so that we can save ourselves, our loved ones and especially those who are already in this darkness from which they are not able to come out, or dont want to. Another point I want to drive home here is that mostly when we talk about drug abuse or addiction the first picture that comes in our minds is A Boy. But the hard truth is girls are involved in it too, apparently not as much as boys but not as Little either. And for the numbers and stats I’ve already mentioned them in the first Paragraph.
If We want to end this Curse of Drugs we have to be willing to open our minds and hearts to new and unorthodox ways, methods and things. Sometimes an Old Problem maybe solved with a new Solution.
There are many ways which may potentially aid in reducing or elimination this Drug abuse. But, since this dark cloud is mostly cast Over the young, we have to opt the ways of the young. And so Skateboarding, Yes as naive or absurd it may seem it can be a potential “New Solution” of this “Old Problem”. The Fact, which i already mentioned that a lot of kids, teens are taking drugs just for Getting that feeling of being among the cool kids or simply because of peer pressure or maybe even some other reason but with the same intention, Proves That Skateboarding or even any other sport or a game that the People don’t know about or maybe only a few know about can And i think will help in reduction if not elimination of Drugs from the Valley.

And again, as far as skateboarding is concerned It not Only is fun but healthy Also.
USC researchers have found multiple benefits in skateboarding, ranging from mental health to education and careers. A first-of-its-kind study of skateboarding culture found the sport improves mental health, fosters community and encourages diversity and resilience, according to USC.

Notably, skateboarding is not just for teens. Only 45% of skateboarders are between the ages of 12 and 17. Some skateboard enthusiasts and professionals are riding well past the age of 40, giving them a lifelong connection to the sport’s benefits. Peer-reviewed studies published in research journals suggests that physically active youth are less likely to use illicit drugs — and continue to be less prone to drug use as adults. They also commit fewer serious crimes.
Skateboarding is a Good Source of Physical Activity
In a New York Times article, Auburn University at Montgomery Professor Michele Olson listed a variety of muscles that are engaged during skateboarding, including abs, back, glutes, hamstring, quads, calves, hips and foot arches.
Source: Skateboards for Work and Working Out, New York Times, 2013.

Skateboarding is Correlated with High Self-Esteem
A University of North Carolina Health Care and School of Medicine press release specifically identified skateboarders as faring particularly well regarding their self-esteem, despite a lack of wide public support for the sport.

Furthermore, Skateboarding is not Just something that can be done for fun or exercise but Also to make a livelihood whether its through Vloggin, Blogging, Training others etc. Another important and Good thing about skating is that now its going to be A part of The Olympics. So people may hopefully even Earn through skating as a career.

All this can and should be Done by our Administration But We Definitely shouldn’t back down either. We should Try to make some efforts because it not a simple problem that we can be ignored. But It’s an Calamity That can tomorrow effect us as well. We should Give at Least our Support For the End of this Serious Matter of Drug Abuse That Is Cast over our Valley.

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