Nip the evil

Following a near total rout in Ladakh suffered by BJP in the recently held Urban Local Bodies elections, one of the leaders of RSS, considered to be the fountainhead of BJP, Indresh Kumar, in one of his write-ups in Daily News Analysis or DNA published on 24rth of last month, has vainly tried to create an impression that ‘all is not well with the Cold Desert region of the state. The region is inhabited by two communities who have been living in complete harmony since centuries. The author, apparently frustrated by the outright rejection of BJP by the electorate, has tried to whip communal passions by raking up issues that do not exist there. Ladakhis have learnt over the period of time that their interests are best served as long as peace prevails. They have demonstrated time and again that the secret of their prosperity lies in their unity and not in consternation. Today Ladakh is one of the most favourite tourist destination only because of its unique geographic position, wonderful landscape akin to moon and  conservation of its very rich cultural heritage. The people of the region have made strides in every walk of life as the people have been honestly lending their hand to the establishment in the implementation of state and central schemes that has near completely transformed the developmental landscape. Both the state and union governments have been more than liberal in funding developmental programmes for the area. The region has two autonomous developmental councils which have been addressing to the genuine aspirations of locals in as far as development is concerned. Add to it the recent amendments made in the LAHDC  Act and the amendments in financial rules, the region has got more a special status within the confines of the state. Its developmental grants have become non-lapsable, which was a necessity given the limited work season of the region. Coming to the write-up , one can safely see through it as an attempt at vitiating the atmosphere by trying to divide the community on religious and sectarian basis. He has shamelessly raised accusing fingers at Muslim organizations and accused these of working for conversion of Buddhists which is not a fact. The working of Muslim Organisations has been outstanding in that these have been organising medical and awareness camps for all the people irrespective of their caste, colour or creed.  As a as goodwill gesture they even hosted a reception in honour of H.H Dalai Lama during his recent visit to Laadak This has only resulted in more of harmony among the communities. Historically Ladakhi Muslims and Buddhists and Muslims of Ladakh have been identical trade. Let the devil be shown the door and stopped from entering Ladakh . It is better we nip the evil in the bud and spare the state .

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