“I think reading is not important if you hold oceans of emotions within, you are meant to write that.”

Bisma Ayoub is a multifaceted person. Apart from pursuing a course in dental sciences, she is also a budding writer. Having already authored a book, Ayoub narrates her journey so far to MALIK SUHAIL GULAL for Kashmir Canvas in an interview. 

So Bisma welcome and thank you for your precious time
I am pleased to be here

Q. So, tell us about yourself?
I amBisma Ayoub from Batakadal Lalbazar Srinagar. Presently, I am pursuing bachelors in dental technician course from Dental College Srinagar. Besides that, I am a writer.

Q. When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Actually, I started writing from school days. From connecting few words to writing little rhymes, that is how I get started. I used to write on everything around me especially on nature. It was a sign of yes I can do it. Moreover, my sister is an avid reader. So, one day, I got a chance to read a book. I have read only few times. After then, in 2013 I started this journey of mine and I have been working dedicatedly since then.

Q. What does your family think of your writing and do they support you?
Yes, Alhamdulillah. They really do support me in what I am doing. They are so happy that I am a writer. They appreciate me every time for everything. They never ask me about why I have written on topics like love, pain and betrayal. Whenever they read my stuff, their reaction never lets me to go down. I am grateful to them.

Q. As a child what did you want to do?
I always wanted to be a teacher. Laughs! I don’t know why but I always believe teaching is something that I can be good at. I had given tuitions as well for some time. Although, everything changed all of a sudden. I have two professions under hand now, both with different aims, one for myself and other one for my family. My ultimate goal is to make my parents proud, that’s it.

Q. Why do you write? Any specific reason?
No specific reason but yes I write my heart out. I am storywriter as well. I write my own experiences and of other people also. I believe that words hold power to express oneself well. I remember, once a friend of mine shared her story with me and I wrote it. After reading my own written story, I loved it. It looked good to me. Mostly, I write my own experiences and if somebody shares something with me, it is always pleasure to write that. I don’t read books at all to get new ideas as I believe in my own experiences.

Q. As you said, you write to express yourself only. Don’t you feel, you should create an impact on people through your writing?
Certainly, I do. However, the problem these days you face as a writer is that your content is judged by the reactions you get on social media. Presently, it is never read on basis of what exactly writers do want to convey or how deep his\her words are. I believe even a single word can create impact on a person if read by heart and soul.

Q. You have published your debut book recently, right? What it takes to write and publish a book?
Yes, I have! It was all of a sudden to write it. My book that is titled as “THE CREATIVE MINDS” is actually an anthology of 28 other writers. Frankly speaking, I was working on my debut book but finally I took a decision that I will provide a platform for those writers who are unpublished yet. As a contributor to anthologies like FOREVER SHINING, PRIDE AND FRAGILE THOUGHTS andwhat I have noticed that only published authors are getting published again and over again. As a budding writer, we always look for a start-up. So I tried it for myself and for other writers as well. I selected these writers on basis of content with my publisher and shaped it as a book. It takes nothing but persistency and consistency.

Q. Great, you are now an author. As you said, you don’t read books, right? Then why do you expect that others will read your book when you don’t yourself?
I believe that people will read my book as there are many readers who read. We all have different tastes and if not, I am sure that my book and its collection will surely grasp the attention of all the amazing readers. To be honest, I don’t like to read books. I get bored. It’s like I have no patience to read a book. As I earlier said, my sister is avid reader. By chance, I have read only one book with interest that is by Ravinder Singh. It is a great love story.

Q. Nowadays, everyone is a writer and no one reads, don’t you think that it is self dig well we want to sink in? Your opinions, please!
Look, I accepted that I am not a reader but it’s not like no one reads. Others do read and we are supposed to write. Laughing! That’s it.

Q. Reading is regarded as essential tool of a writer that you lack. Isn’t it important to read for writing better?
I don’t think so. Is it really that important if you read then only you can write better?

Q. I think, I am a host, so I want you to answer it?
Not really. Because, when you hold oceans of emotions within, you are meant to write that. As I already said, I write my experiences that is what I focus on. Writing is a natural thing so you happen to write in your own way. Yes, I don’t read any particular book but I have some writers on social media handles to read. They are good at it and I enjoy them reading.

Q. Should we expect more stories to read from you in near future ?
Yes. I am coming with my second book soon. It is titled as pain and motivation. It is a collection of poems and short stories.

Q. So, how we can we write a good story?
We have to write about everything. Yes everything. From movements of curtains to blows of wind, we should have it in our story. Let it be a thing of micro second. That’s what adds spark to your story and it connects well to your readers.

Q. Don’t you think that over explaining makes your story uninteresting and affects the essence of story?
I don’t think so. I want to make my readers feel like I do, that’s it.

Q. Any change you noticed in yourself since you have started writing?
Yes, I did. I become introvert. Haha, you heard it right. Look, other people need others to share what they have to and maybe they can’t do it for themselves. However, we writers sit and start expressing ourselves with the company of pen and paper.

Q. Is it tough to be an artist in Kashmir particularly for a girl, if so, how?
I think most important thing is support of your family but at the same time society is a killer. It creates hurdle for everyone as an artist. Not particularly for a girl only but for boys, it is there to build a wall to stop them as well.

Q. When your family is supporting you then why an artist do care about society knowing that you are keep the good work up?
Family’s support is something that is natural. Moreover, whether you take care about society or not, it restricts you to very extent. Definitely, we pretend like we don’t care but still it hurts inside.

Q. Any experience that can motivate and inspire the budding artists to come forward?
I remember, in 2018, captured illusions had organized an open mic sessions in Srinagar. During the session, there came a participant who introduced himself as a student of 10th standard. After finishing up sharing his stuff, he told us why he started writing. Meanwhile, he said he had break up when he was in 9th. My motive here is to focus on which way to go. We all face rejections, failures and all that and at a same we have two options either we choose constructive way or destructive way. So, he decided to write rather than choosing a wrong one.So, if there is anyone into this field, one should hold on. Self-confidence, dedication and consistency help to move on.

Q. So, how can your readers interact with you?
Well, they can reach me through social media. They can send their quires and suggestion to “Bisma Ayoub” on Facebook and Instagram.
Thanks once again and we wish luck and success to you.
I am really humbled. Thank you!

MALIK SUHAIL GULAL- An Interviewer is a budding Writer, columnist and poet who is Pursuing Honours in Political Science at CUS. He can be reached at