No Respite To Residents Of Bhadarwah As PDD Goes On Intensifying Power Cuts

Department Fails To Take Exception For Holy Days Of Ramadan, Navratras

Amir Iqbal Khan

Bhadarwah, April 16:Additional District Bhadarwah is facing a power shortage these days even as the scorching heat and start of hot summer seems to have ended the cold period much before.
Power Development Department(PDD) has gone a step ahead in intensifying frequent power cuts and unscheduled outages at a time when Holy month of Ramdan and Navratras are currently going on.
The locals are up in arms against the department in making them to suffer and even having been failed miserably to bring respite to them from more than eight months long unscheduled cuts and unannounced curtailments.
“Bhadarwah is a place where summer electricity load is not a matter of worry to be considered by the department of power for this period of the year as the pre-existing load on transformers and grid stations if any has already decreased considerably, still the people are exposed to suffer unnecessarily,” said Mohammad Salim Butt a resident of Udrana.
He said that outage due to frequent power breakdowns and prolonged power curtailment has become a routine matter which is adding to the woes of the consumers that too in the month of holy Ramadan.
“During the month of Ramadan at the time of Iftiyari and Taravi Nimaz, the unscheduled power cuts add to the problems of the people,” he further lamented.
Locals further said, “people go to Masjids for Tarawi Namaz, but the streets plunge in dark due to power cuts just before the “Namaz e Tarawi” and the street dogs are constantly posing threat to lives of commuters,” they added.
Locals alleged that Summer season has already set in Bhadarwah and the area is under load but the Power Development Department is deliberately harassing them by resorting to frequent curtailment even during the holy Month of Ramadan and Navratras.
“The city localities and villages in Additional District Bhadarwah are constrained to live in dark during Dinner times and sometimes Sehrii also which shatters the tall claims of the govt in having improved the power scenario in district Doda,” said another resident of Bhadarwah Daleep Singh adding, “Lieutenant Governor administration boosts of mega Power projects that have been set up in Chenab Valley region which generate 390 and 450 Mega Watt electricity in a single day, but practically it sounds a hollow claim and nothing else,” he lambasted.
Criticizing the UT government for its utter failure to get them share in the electricity generated at the local hydel projects, the residents rued that NHPC is using water, land, manpower, roads and other local infrastructure and in lieu of that it does not provide even a single mega watt power to lit the houses of poor and needy population in the erstwhile district.
“Although extremely poor service is provided by the PDD, yet it does not hesitate to issue exorbitant monthly bills and surprisingly all bills reflect flat rates and no metered readings are taken care of,” further alleged locals.
Much talked about issue of 33 KV Doda Bhadarwah transmission line allegedly involving multi-crore scandal continues to give sleepless nights to the local population at Bhadarwah in wake of its faults every day being extended as a reason by the PDD for snapping of power in the region.
Pertinently the people had urged the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to personally intervene in to the matter of 33 KV scandal, but to ones surprise nothing was done to set the things straight besides providing people of Bhadarwah hassle free services.
While expressing strong resentment over these power cuts by not respecting the sentiments of the public and deepening further the power crisis even during ensuing holy month and Navratras, residents are ready to come on streets if the LG and district administrations failed to take a call on the issue immediately.