Oh  man !May u have mercy on  penurious child

By Sheikh Mudasir Muneer

I have  noticed majority of orphans ,beggarly and impotent children peddling confects and floret in the public . It is very awful to see these coerced youngesters working at this  age .childrens like these  should have books and toys in their hands rather than these confects and flowers , but their parents, out of some infirmity, have coerced them to sell confect at the public places, which is a illegal and moral crime. At this age, the children who had to acquire knowledge were put to work so that all the problems at home would be eased. If such  children are seen selling us goods on the street, then it is our duty to leave no stone unturned in showing them the way to school so that these children can procure  good education and live a peaceful and frisky life  as loyalist. I have seen thousands of such children, especially carrying a box of blacking  or working in  car wash centers  or have become costermonger and other artefacts on the roads and majority of the children are working in manufactory. Everyone in society is reticently watching the exploitation of children. As a result, the educational future of such poor and powerless children is in jeopardy.
But we should  keep one thing  in our mind that in a society where children are being enforced to work in their childish stage instead of being edified, such a society will have to  face a ginormous whammy in  future. As long as the children of the society will be ingenious, educated and virtuous , at the same time, society will be free from various social evils. Children who are exploited from an early age often fall into the wrong hands and fall prey to various evils. As a result, social evils  will take deep roots in the society.
Whenever i saw a ragamuffin  working on the street,  i tried hard to equip those  schlemiel with the benefit of education and to some extent succeeded in many cases.Every citizen of society should endeavour  his best to get in rival with  those victims who are being enforced to work at their unworldly stage  of life. we should go and  show them the way of  school  and if we can’t do that then at least buy a bargain from these kids and If possible, avoid reckoning with such children, because these urchins can bum if they want, but instead of exhorting, they decided to work hard so that they could easily compete in the world market. We should also give them brisk support to run their family comfortably and not be forced to do anything wrong. It is the responsibility of every sober person to come to the abet of such forced children. Othewise
 Layea jaye ga tuj say kam dunia key imamat ka

Sheikh Mudasir Muneer is a columnist and is a permanent writer for Kashmir Canvas can be reached at:nazarmudasir25@gmail.com