Once Upon a Time

Bol ki lub Azad Hein Tayre

By Sheikh Mudassar Muneer
Shopian Kashmir

Koie hath be na melayae ga jo galay milo gay tapaak say

Ye nayae mazaj ka shahar hay zara faslay say mila karo

May tamam din ka thaka hova tu tamam shab ka jaga hova

Zara thar ja es moud per tayray sath shaam gazar lu

There was a time when someone died in the village, the whole village would bewail . It seemed that the people of the whole village had died along with the dead. Every eye was spacious open and the young men of the whole village would dig the sepulchre concomitantly . Even the television and tape recorder are picked up and latched in a box. Mutual amity was spiffing and due to death not only the proximate but the whole village used to adjourn the scheduled date of nuptials .Humanbeings were veracious, devout and free from any kind of phoniness.there was love in ones heart for others.All the exertion sprang from the profundity of his heart.His eyes showed the depth of his feelings .His face and his eyes candidly reflect the tenderness of his heart and today it is also a time that people forget to condole the bereaved family and today's modern man by penon has fallen too much that exhumation is done by indemnifying money. Now the cadaver is perfidious in the arcade, so close cognates of the bereaved family of the village initiate to relish television and young generation is enjoying music with headphones in their ears. On the one hand, the deceased is enshroud and returned home, and on the other hand, relatives are seen playing music at neighboring weddings. Now it is the turn of the neighbors to be nescient of who died. In today's world the psyche is the world of psychology.But the modern society observes mendacity of capers.we find charcters ofdissembling ,privolous,

hypocritical deceptive and crooked.There is nothing genuine about his character.His hypocratic nature can be known by confiscate his mask .He wears different face expressions for different places and occasions.His smile changes with respect to the situation of time and has became an expert in hypocrisy.Labrish, pilfering,cupidity ,greed, coining and flendish are in human blood. The jiffy of concern is that I am also a part of this society and you are also a part of this society. We also have a responsibility to pursue our bash to meliorate our society so that the same era of brotherhood , simplicity and innocence of earlier days return once again. Writer can be reached at nazarmudasir25@gmail.com