One More resplendent year of life has passed

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

Today, when I looked at my cell phone with open eyes, as expected, messages of New Year greetings and prayers were waiting. This is how the New Year begins . First verbal, then when the time of cell phones came, Friends and relatives rang the phone, when it came to time of social media, pictures, prayers and hundreds of ways are used to wish the New Year. To me , the change of year in general is not so special. It is a normal day. When last day of the year’s sun sets, night falls, we fall asleep. The next day the date changes and the new year begins. My routines are the same and it recalls me the meaning of the English proverb “the same axe with same hand “.
We all know that the last sunset of 2021 and the morning sun of 2022 has risen with new joys and new aspirations. What did you lose and what did you gain in the year? Have you taken care of the rights of worshipers? Did you not neglect worship? Did you not pinched someone’s heart? Did you serve your parents? Did you not leave any good deed on purpose? New hopes, aspirations and along with intentions and plans, we should also think about what we lost and what we gained last year. It is best to start with the joy of the new year and the accountability of the previous year.
We celebrate the festivals, be it Islamic or cultural but it is said that so much is being spent on it, the extravagant spending we can do to help a lot of poor and downtrodden people of our society. But who practices it? This has never happened, nor is it possible. The money spent on New Year’s celebrations can be used to buy books for poor children and food kits can be distributed to the poor families. Poverty is not the name of the game and also who understands the human compulsions in the atmosphere of celebration and who cares. With the start of of solar new year we should only remember that one year is going to be less than our life tenure bestowed by Almighty Allha.
I pray for all that Almighty allha protect us all from bad times and from the evil enemies. With the arrival of new year 2022 i pray to almighty to eridacte Poverty, inflation, unemployment and ignorance from our society.
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