Pahadi language and World

Nasir Roshan Khan

Everyone loves their mother tongue even if that language is not spoken frequently. It has its own affection with the speakers of that language.
On the same lines today we will know more about Pahadi languages or Pahari languages also called as Indo Arya languages. These  are the languages derived from Prakrit and Sanskrit languages spoken in three countries - India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Their dialects have several linguistic features in common with the Kashmiri language and Rajasthani language.
Doda, Ramban, Kathua, Kishtwar, Baramulla, etc are districts of Jammu and Kashmir in India where Pahari is spoken. Mainly it is spoken in Baramulla district. From Boniyar to Uri, all the inhabitants of the area are speaking Pahari languages. These languages too have their culture, their own history.
Some words from the language spoken in Baramulla district with English translation are:

Bua – Door
Hatti – Shop
Swaga – Ashes
Tuda – Yours
Gadra – boy
Jamatra – Son in law

Even songs of these languages are quite interesting and are available on all platforms. In the Baramulla area of Indian Administered Kashmir, And at weddings mostly women sing the songs in Pahari language. These languages are also known as Hindko in some areas. Many people think that Pahari languages are a little bit similar to Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

By Nasir Roshan Khan Author of book Heal The Humanity