Parents Are Our Second God .

By SeeratNargisdar

Parents are our earthly God. We all have Parents and we all will become Parents. What we give to others returns to us in some unexpected way. There is a saying : what goes around comes around . Becoming a Parent is not a big achievement but becoming better kids is a great achievement. Prophet Mohammad [ pbuh] said , ” Be kind to you old parents , no matter what they have done to you. Paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother and your father is the door of your paradise ” .
If it was possible to worship anyone other than God almighty , that would be Parents. Why parents have been given such great status ? It’s their sacrifice for their kids. The father who lives or sacrifices his life with all its aspects for a kid , doesn’t think about his own life at all . He is the man who used to get up at 11 o’clock in his youth , now he gets up at 6 o’clock to go to work . Why ? Only because his kids need a better life. A father writes the fate of his children. A father unbuilds himself to build his children .
Why don’t they think about themselves? Don’t they have their own dreams? I often wonder ! A father is tough by the face but soft by the heart . His love can’t be replaced even by a thousand mothers. A father is the strongest pillow for a kid. We can live happily only if we have a father on our side to support us . A father is the real roof over a child’s head. His sweat is worthier than the most expensive perfume available on this planet. A father provides us with food, clothes, shelter , love and education . We walk boldly in this world only because of our parents.
A mother is another blessing for a kid . What can I say about the status of mother ? She is our real pleasure and the best gift of God to us . A mother is a one- man army . She feeds us, clothes us , plays with us , listens to us and understands us and when we even don’t know anything about the world around us , she becomes our first teacher and teaches us sympathetically all the things necessary to survive on the earth . She remains sleepless all nights , cries when we cry and feeds us with her blood -which people have named milk. She saves every penny to fulfill our dreams in our childhood . Before a mother, she is a woman who has to keep herself happy in the current parochial society . As a girl , she has to live for her Parents . Then she marries a man of her choice and handles him and his family to the best of her ability . In other words, forgetting her life , she has to live for her husband and in-laws. Subsequently , she becomes a mother and that blesses her with her most cherished job ever. She carries a baby in her womb for nine long months, undergoes different mood swings , pain and pangs only because she has to give birth to a new life . She lives always for others and hardly ever complains . Thus she is truly a God . It’s not the end . Her painful and more responsible job starts when she has to nurture and look after her baby or babies . She has to play many roles simultaneously – daughter , sister , mother , daughter-in-law , wife , cook , caretaker of a family and more . Parents have to think about the feeding, shelter, clothes , education , future of their kids . They need to do the things of their kids’ choice, sleep according to their kids’ mood Yada Yada Yada . Kids sleep the whole day and keep their Parents awake the whole night especially their mothers. Parents become kids again after their kids are born . They fight with each other in order to protect their kid from hazards and possible dangers . When a kid cries, they start dancing in front of it to make it happy. After doing all those uncountable things for their kids , what they need is just love in return when they reach their old age .
Parents forget themselves in their love for their kids as if they have been born on the earth to be Parents only . They forget they too have a life. Girls are sent to the homes of other people [husbands] and , consequently , parents become dependent on theirs sons . Usually , the sons get married and forget all about the sacrifices of their parents. Thus , Parents are compelled to learn to live a new life. They are required to talk to their sons nicely so that they are not thrown outside their own homes.
Some of us kill our parents just after we get married. A father can’t talk loudly with his own son. Mothers are loved by sons usually but a mother also feels detached from their own sons once the latter get married . I never understand why can’t a girl become a daughter of in-laws instead of becoming daughter-in-law ? Why can’t she accept her husband’s parents as her own . Why can’t she love them like she loves her own parents ? The Old age is a stage when the people mostly don’t know what to say, how to say and how much to say ? The youth can tolerate all mood swings of all types of people and they must tolerate their old parents .
Old age is the age when parents need our help not only financially but emotionally also . Talking to parents with love will never decrease anything in us , I believe .
Old age Is our unlived childhood. People become like kids in their old age . They need extra care like kids need in childhood. They need a Hitler like kid when it is time to eat medicine or food. They need a saint like kid at other times . They need a child who will clean them with water when needed . Parents never curse sincerely but they do bless their kids honestly . As we sow, so shall we reap . Today’s kids will be Parents tomorrow . We learn all from our parents- good as well as bad . If Our parents treat rudely our grandparents today , we may , by mistake , mistreat our parents too tomorrow .
In conclusion , I beseech every reader not to make the life of your parents hell . Don’t force them to beg on streets. Don’t let them sigh or cry . A wonderful poet, Sahil sharifdin Bhat has written in a poem :

‘Old parents are our second God
And old parents are always right .
Their pain is the pain of God almighty
And their happiness is His delight .
We must tolerate our parents
As they did when we were babies .
We must not throw them out of home
To please our sweet tongued wicked ladies.”

We should not kill our parents while they are breathing with our wicked and arrogant actions. Let them live their old age in their way because they have sacrificed their youth for our good future. Let’s all be kind to our parents , God will be kind to us . We will never become happy by making our parents unhappy.
Keep telling your parents that you love them a lot . This may please them . If their sweat is worthier than the world’s best perfume , their smile is worthier than the entire world itself . Be kind to your parents today so that your kids will be kind you tomorrow .

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