Perennial shutdown of electricity  turns entire valley into  darkness

By Sheikh Mudasir Muneer

With the historical Darbarmove from srinagar to jammu region  ,the  electricity has been lug to Jammu at the contemporaneous  . The spring here have been surrounded by autumn and  perennial shutdown of electricity has whirled the entire valley into deep tenebrosity. Consumers are enduring from mental disorder and severe anxiety due to electricity outages in town and remote areas.The electricity department has rotated  the entire valley into tenebrosity, causing havoc sitch in entire valley.  with the inception of winter, there are electricity crisis in  entire valley and this practice has been going on for the last several decades. They have failed to provide adequate power supply and have been reckless in fixing the electricity supply system. The example of “neither can go nor stay” is being proved and the Higher authorities of  electricity Department are not taking  momentous measure to assemble it functionable in adequate strategy .Kashmir, the paradise on earth , on  one hand has become  victim of atrocious situation but at the same time has become victim of power shutdown  and the poor innocent Kashmire is such a human being who has become scapegoat in society in entire world . It is a incident of perturb that the annual examinations for children has commenced from November 1 and once again our children have to prepare exams  in light of  lamps and lanterns inlieu of electricity . The old ritual is being refreshed by preparing exams by using lamp and lantern lights. On the other hand, the cold  waves have been blowing in valley Kashmir. The poor Kashmirie himself does not  know how to save himself from this bitter cold waves without electricity . We wish the  Pinnacle officials of  electricital department would consider it in mind that even after the Darbar Move from Kashmir, the human race also lives here who are in dire need of food,water  and especially electricity.  Majority of craptastic people who  have to run the basic needs  of routine life have to work day and night in this bitter cold. Therefore, it is the paramount duty of the Pinnacle officials of the electricity department to take special care of the people living here in Kashmir during winter season .We innocent poor kashmiries request the Chief Engineer of electricity department  not to do perennial shutdow of electricity which will effect the future of our children who are preparing their annual exams during harsh winter days . By keeping the exam of our  children and bitter cold waves blowing in valley in mind ,the Chief Engineer of kashmir division is requested to take speedy action to elucidate the burning issue of electricity during harsh winter days . If the responsible officers  will not elucidate the burning issue  of electricity in valley, they must keep one thing in their mind

Roozay hisab jub payish ho mayra daftray amal
Aap be sharmsar ho muj ko be sharmsar kar  

Elite families ,Darbarmove  officals, Former ministers and public representatives have gone to Jammu and spend their time in luxury  moderate weather while the poor Innocent helpless kashmiries  pass their time in darkness. He  thinks in his heart that the Pinnacle officials who have migrated to jammu during harsh winter days and  higher officals of electrical department  will be anxious to solve the burning issue of society but it is just his dream which is impossible to clinch.Hope the  Pinnacle officals of electricitical department will stir at sharp time to elucidate the current grave issue of electricity on speedy basis during harsh winter days to save the future of our aspirants who are preparing for competative and annual exams in valley.

Hazru khavishe iesy ki Her khaviesh per dum niklay
Bhout niklay mayray arman layken pher be kum niklay

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