Pixstory and Paris Saint-Germain Féminine join forces to make social media safer

Pixstory becomes a premium partner of Paris Saint-Germain women’s team

Newly decorated with its first French championship title, the Paris Saint-Germain
women’s team has kicked off the 21/22 season by joining hands with Pixstory, a new social media platform, in efforts to curb toxicity and promote decency in online conversations. The partnership is for the next two seasons. The women’s team joined the platform today.

Pixstory has made it their priority to fight the spread of fake news and
toxic speech online. This innovative social network provides users with tools to
create visual stories, record podcasts, write powerful narratives and chat calmly
with other members of the community.

With Pixstory, the Paris Saint-Germain players will take part in campaigns to
fight toxic speech online and to encourage people to be courteous during

“It was a natural step to join forces with the Paris Saint-Germain women’s team,”
announced Dwight Howard, NBA all-star player and one of Pixstory’s early backers. “The team embodies diversity and defends the same values as Pixstory.”

Appu Esthose Suresh, the founder of Pixstory, added, “We want Pixstory to
drive change on social media. We wanted a social network without any
likes/dislikes, where integrity is more important than virality. The user experience
on Pixstory is not affected, but we make safety a priority. There is no immediate
validation, because in real life you build your reputation over time and every
second counts. Pixstory reveals your true personality, which you write yourself.
We are delighted to have found a partner that shares our vision in the Paris Saint-
Germain women’s team.”

Ulrich Ramé, director of Paris Saint-Germain’s women’s team, announced. “We
are delighted to welcome Pixstory into the fold. The club pays close attention to
educating young people so that they use social media sensibly. We share
Pixstory’s ambition to encourage people to interact in a space where listening
and discussion prevail. Through our partnership, we are proud to be able to tackle
this issue together.”

Pixstory has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to toxic behaviour online. It is
designed to avoid polarisation, neutralise hate speech, weed out false information
and encourage users to communicate politely.

The app’s aim is to become an ethical social network that puts its users before
making a profit. It does not collect or sell on data, and it guarantees a high-quality
user experience thanks to monitoring and balancing mechanisms that use
designer solutions and technological innovations.