Police Media Centre PHQ, Jammu

Register as a cyber Crime Volunteer

Jammu, February 03: MHA, GOI has launched a programme for recruiting cyber Crime Volunteer Framework which can be accessed on URL http://Cybercrime.gov.in.

Under this initiative, any Indian citizen can get himself/herself associated by registering in any of three categories of cyber Volunteer. Cyber Volunteer Unlawful Content Flagger- for identifying online illegal/unlawful content like child pornography, rape/gang rape, terrorism, radicalization, anti national activities etc. and reporting to government. Cyber Awareness Promoter- for creating awareness about cyber crime among citizen including vulnerable groups like women, children and elderly, rural population etc. Cyber Expert- for dealing with specific domains of cybercrime, forensics, network forensics, malware analysis, memory analysis, cryptography etc.

The registration procedure for the volunteers is that an individual shall be required to register as volunteer through a dedicated section “Cyber Volunteers” on National Cybercrime Reporting Portal. He/she shall be required to furnish some mandatory personal particulars like full Name, father’s name, mobile number, Email address, residential address etc. ID proof and address proof will be required to be uploaded at ‘Upload ID Proof tab in registration from.

For registration as ‘Cyber volunteer Unlawful content flagger’, no prior verification (KYC) is required. For registration as ‘Cyber Awareness Promoter or Cyber Expert’, prior verification (KYC) will be carried out by concerned State/UT.

Once a volunteer registers, his details would be accessible to the UT Nodal officer for cybercrime i.e. IGP Crime Branch J&K.”