Presently! Aphorism of andragogy unrecalled

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

Shakyat hai mujay ya rub! Khudawadan maktab sai
Sabak shaheen bachoo ko dai rhai hein khakbazi ka

To me education is verily a far out with numbers and grades. It makes a person sagacious to bide the life of grandeur, tend, to revivify and the skit. But as a nation builder, I sporadically descry parents opine about what their child is comprehending the cynosure of parental colloquy is the child’s marks rather then to inculcate. Then it is useless to ask how many children are behoove writers, scientists, Doctors and Engineers. The greatest vicissitude is when their children return from the institute, the parents first ask them about their marks rather then andragogy .If the child brings middling position, and then his condition gets abysmal. The child thinks that it is very important to top in the class rather to learn ethics and values of mastery. We impel our children to remain topper in every discipline of society and this utterance wallop the mind of the child that the paramount in the world is to contend with others to come first. The outlook of the teacher is not utterly different from that of the parents of the children. Their errand becomes congruent to the parents of the child . Thus the child becomes egocentric at the age of twenty-one. He thinks less of others but more of himself because that is what we and our society have edified him since schooling. My heart itches when our children will come back to home from school, they should be asked : “To whom you assisted today, To whom you put a grin on face”. Then the child will realize that these things are the requisite of life. They will surely wonder if my parents will ask me about marks or not but will definitely ask me, “To whom you assisted today”. Psychologically, he will enroot with the same ideology, will go to school, study there and change his ideology of egocentric. When our children turn 21, the society will change from materialistic to humanistic. Then society will embody of youngster who will think not only of themselves but also for others. Believe me, I have seen preponderance of educated juvenescence in society purloining, porky, skirmishing with neighbors, and gossiping .Such stooges educated juvenescence needs edified rather to get ersatz degrees. In earlier times education and training was the same thing but nowadays education and training have become two different routes. Today’s juvenescence is indeed highly educated but lacks rudimentary. Children first get confidence from there home. So, we have to avoid scolding and beatings when children scores low in exam. It is our paramount allegiance not to collate them with other children because the attribute of fish is not to mount the trees but to snorkel in water. In the same way, every child has his own prowess. we have to make our child nonpareil instead of an apery. Whatever they are and what they are apt of, but teach to be nonpareil in the same bailiwick. Don’t teach your child how to be a good doctor, an engineer or a writer. Teach them:*
“How to be the best of whatever you are”
We must provide espousal to our children to fly like a falcon in the sky. If he wants to snorkel in the water, let him bathe. Invigorate them, applaud and give weeny rewards to build their confidence fervid. This man oeuvre will make the child feel confident forthwith. All I can say: one who understand the real meaning of education becomes civilized and adopts austerity and where the education goes above the head becomes contemporary.
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