By J S Amir

Rehan Iqbal Shah is a young vlogger and content creator from Kashmir. He belongs to middle class family from Kokernag Anantnag. he was born on 04 august 2005. He is pursuing his 12th class in medical science. He started his YouTube channel namely “Rehan Iqbal” in 2017 and firstly uploaded random videos on his channel. And after that uploaded Madlipz and now uploads vlogs. He said,”In 2013 i just used to click videos of Grandparents by camera and it was my passion to talk in front of camera “His main content on social media is vlogging. He has more than 3k subscribers on YouTube and 2k followers on Facebook. He said, “Firstly, i created Whatsapp Statuses and Cover Songs, Then I posted Some Madlipz and then I posted sports Videos and channel was getting popular and i got 3 copyright strikes by a guy but can’t mention his name. then i started again and posted my old content but response was much less than earlier. And then Back in 2020 i started roasting and at that time was known as KashMinati and i got about 1lack views and then just removed those videos as i found them morally wrong and bad and then Back in January 2021, I shooted a Vlog but due to some personal reasons i delayed the post and uploaded that on 3May 2021” Initially he got support from his brother and day by day, he is gaining good support from his family. He got 90 percent support and good reaction from public. His favorite youtubers are Sourav Joshi and Faheem Vlogs. His inspiration is Maahi Aamir of Kashmiri Rounders YouTube channel. His favorite hobby is to play cricket. “I want to represent YouTube Kashmir and want to Perform at YouTube Fanfest. My Inspiration from Kashmir is Maahi Aamir Because, i saw him starting from zero and now he has achieved many things”, said Rehan Iqbal. Regarding his aim he said, “I don’t have a selected aim, but want to be known by millions of people and want to give ease to my family. And want to do good in entrepreneurship as I have interest in it too.” In a message to public he said,” support every good content creator who is going with his passion and rather than criticizing them. And don’t pressurize anyone as it affects mental health.” In a message to young youtubers he said,” if you want to start youtuber, don’t do it for money, do it only if you are passionate about it and don’t take it as a carrier”