Residents of Sidiq Abad, Nagbal allege discrimination by Xen R&B

Srinagar: The residents of Sidiq Abad Coloney of Nagbal have leveled serious allegations of discrimination against Executive Engineer of R&B Department Ganderbal.

A delegation of the residents from the area alleged that the said Xen has been diverting the funds and works allotted for Sidiq Abad Coloney to adjacent coloney named Shaikh ul Alam.

The residents have claimed that for the last three years they have been moving from pillar to post to get the roads of the area black topped. “But every time they said Xen sabotages the work and gets it diverted to Shaikh ul Alam coloney.”

“Are we lesser residents? Do not we have rights? Why is said engineer favouring a particular coloney and making us suffer,” the residents asked. They added that they do not have any problem with Shaikh ul Alam residents but they too should be treated equally. “The said Xen told us that he will see if some funds remain after blacktopping Shaikh ul Alam Coloney, our request can be considered. Are we beggars that he is treating us like this,” the residents claimed.

“The residents said that they have got their applications marked by the CE as well as SE concerned but still the work has not been done.

“Look at the condition of our roads. Why should we suffer because of the biased approach of an engineer,” the residents asked. They said that the issue was also raised with concerned commissioner secretary but he too failed to address the issue.

Meanwhile the residents has asked Hon’bl LG ,Divisional Commisioner Kashmir, DC GANDERBAL and Chief Engineer R&B to look into the matter as why is a particular coloney being ignored by the said engineer.